A 2021 Holiday Opportunity For Current Lifetime And All Access Subscribers

A little less than a year ago we offered a heavily discounted lifetime plan for WPCloudDeploy. We have no plans to make a similar offer this year. If you participated in last year’s offer, good for you – you got a heck of a deal.

Back then we promised to not repeat the offer and we try to keep our promises.

And, to reward you for your faith in us, we’d like to provide an opportunity for you to recoup your investment via a limited-time quasi-affiliate program.

For every user who you refer and who signs up for a full-price lifetime plan using your personal discount code, we will offer you a 30% commission.

This means that you can earn anywhere between $449 and $749 for any user that purchases a lifetime plan from us.

Only current lifetime license users and users with a current All Access license can participate in this promotional opportunity.


  • Upon request we will provide you a personal discount code that you can provide to others.
  • If that code is used between November 24th and December 6th 2021 on a lifetime plan, you will receive a commission of 30%.
  • The commission will be paid out 60 days after the end of the promotional period – i.e.: around the end of January 2022. (This allows us to handle any refunds and resolve any other shenanigans that might affect the final payout.)
  • The opportunity is only open to current lifetime plan owners and subscribers to our All Access annual plan.
  • If you’d like to participate in this opportunity but you’re not currently a WPCD customer, you will need to subscribe to an All Access annual plan (or purchase a lifetime plan).
  • Unfortunately, if you refer a user and they do not use your discount code we will not be able to track their purchase and credit you for it.

How Much Will You Earn?

Each lifetime sale will earn you between $449 and $749.

This means that you only need about 3 sales at the lowest end to recoup your lifetime plan investment.

If you’re an annual subscriber, two sales at the low end will more than pay for your next years’ subscription and 1 high-end sale will almost cover all of it.

How To Obtain Your Personal Discount Code

Just open a support ticket or send us an email (support@). We’ll generate one for you upon request (we’ll queue up the requests and start providing them out around November 1st 2021.)

Why Discount Codes?

We have no plans right now to create an on-going affiliate program which is why this is being done with just personal discount codes. So if you’re used to affiliate programs, the way this is being done is going to feel a little strange.


The offer also applies to lifetime plans for FireupWP. Let us know if that’s something you’d be interested in and we’ll generate a personal discount code for you there as well.


Just ask! Open a support ticket or send us an email (support@) and we’ll try to get back to you asap with answers to your questions.

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