WPCloudDeploy WordPress Plugin

Features and Benefits

Super Flexible • Lower Costs • Better Security • Open Access •  100% WordPress

Benefit: Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Look like a hero - save your clients a bundle!

Less $ Spent

Cheaper than WPEngine, Patheon and others.  Plus we compare very very favorably to Cloudways, Gridpane or SpinupWP on a pricing matrix.

No Additional Cost Per Server or Site

One flat price gets you unlimited servers and sites.  All you pay for is your cloud server.

As Low as $2 /site!

2 servers  at $10 per month = $20/month or $240/year

+ $249.00 per year for WPCloudDeploy Core

Total: ~2.00 per month per site for 20 small sites (10 on each server).

Feature: Open Access

Open Source

Everything on your server is open-source so that it can be examined by anyone.  There is no super-secret algorithms that no one has seen or audited.


Developer Friendly

Action and Filter hooks are a WordPress developer's friend so they're included in all the right places.  Use them to write your own cloud provider plugin.  Replace the Linux scripts with your own.  Create your own server components and commands.



No proprietary code that few people understand.  Your server runs industry standard software. If you ever need outside help, there is a large pool of experienced server admins you can call upon.

Benefit: Super Flexible


Admin Friendly

Because you are using WordPress you can make your control panel your own.   All your WordPress tools in one location.  No more swapping between your site and your admin panel.



You can view and customize the Linux Scripts used to manage your server.  Experienced Linux admins can add, remove and customize server components!


Provider Agnostic

We support the most popular cloud server providers - Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS EC2 and AWS Lightsail

Feature: Secure By Design


"6G" Firewall

Enable or Disable an Nginx Level firewall against common attacks - prevent most malicious traffic from even getting to your WordPress install in the first place!


Multiple sFTP users

Many WP hosts only allow a single sFTP user per site.  We configure things so that you can have multiple per site. No more sharing sFTP passwords among admins!

Reduced 3rd Party Server Access

Your server and site credentials are yours and yours alone.  Only you and your cloud provider has access.


Isolated Backups

Send each server backup to different buckets.  Use different credentials for each server and more.

Free Automatic SSL

Standard Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates available in minutes.

Get Started With No Risk

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Use The Familiar WP-ADMIN UI To Deploy Servers


Deploy Servers In A Few Clicks

Once you set up your cloud provider credentials, you can deploy new servers and sites in just a few clicks.


Common Functions Just A Few Clicks Away

Basic Authentication, Caching, Lets Encrypt Certificates, Enable and Disable Sites, Cloning To Staging, Extensive Logs and much more


WordPress Optimizations

Certain common WP performance optimizations can be enabled.  Example: System Level Crons.



Enable or disable PHPMyAdmin for direct database access


Backup and Restore

Full site level backups pushes your data to Amazon S3 once per day.


Services Control

Restart the webserver, PHP and other services

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