Compare With Kinsta / Rocket.Net / Servbolt / WPEngine / Flywheel

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Save Between 16% and 89%!

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Savings Summary

Kinsta: 30% - 54% 16% - 45%

Servbolt: 83% - 89%

WPEngine: 16% - 45%


100 Sites Total

80 Small Sites

10 Medium Sites

10 Large / Heavy Sites

Costs Per Host

Kinsta: $1,200 / Month $1,000/ Month

Servbolt: $5,000/ Month

WPEngine & Flywheel: $1,000/ Month

(100 sites estimate with discounts)

Discussion & Notes

Our scenario in the image above grants you a ridiculous amount diskspace across all servers - more than 1 TB.  And includes multiple terabytes of traffic.  Not to mention tons of CPU cores.

We were generous in how we allocated resources and assumed only moderate caching.  You can reduce costs even further by aggressively caching the small catalog-style sites.

Most standard hosts severely limit diskspace and visits even when the number of sites allowed is 100 or more.

Some of the hosts mentioned above will only allow as little as 80 GB for 100 sites.

Some hosts entice you with "unlimited php workers" but never bother to tell you that means nothing if they limit cpu cycles.

You get the best savings by using Hetzner as the provider. However, they only have two data centers in the US.

You can get a blend of savings by distributing your servers between the three providers shown above.

Obviously these are only raw numbers.  It does not take into account the cost of your time or other misc. expenses you might encounter as you take control of your own servers.

Comparison based on public prices on referenced vendor websites as of May 11th 2023.