Musings from WPCloud Deploy Staff


Coming Soon: Enhanced Backups (AKA Backups V2)

WPCD has always had a backup process for your WordPress site.  However, while the current backup process is easy to use, that ease of use brings some limitations: It only sends data to Amazon S3The scheduling is fixed andMultiple remote targets and accounts are not supported. For the vast majority of our users, this is…


When Your WordPress Management Dashboard Goes Down

So, you’ve discovered the amazing benefits of running your own WordPress server and now have a half a dozen or more of them on your favorite [WordPress] server management panel. But what do you do when it goes down? Whether you like it or not, all SaaS products have downtime and that includes most WordPress…


Add Your Existing SSH Key To The Root User Account

So, you’ve provisioned a server but your host didn’t install an ssh key-pair for you. Which likely means that you’re just logging in with a password. But, you do have an ssh key-pair already and instead of generating another one unique to your server, you would like to use the existing one. The easiest way…


WPCloudDeploy 4.1.0 – A Security Focused Update Featuring WPScan & Dewhurst Security

Version 4.1.0 of WPCloudDeploy has only two new features. In fact, it probably has the least amount of new features of any release we’ve ever done. But there’s a good reason for that. Before we talk about that reason, here are the two new features: You can now choose a language / locale when installing…


Extract The SSH Public Key From A Private Key File

So, you’ve lost your public key but still have your private key. Or, maybe, you’ve downloaded the private key portion of the SSH key-pair that AWS (Amazon Web Services) generated and now you need the public portion (because AWS doesn’t give that to you for some reason). It’s actually quite easy to get the public…


What’s New In Version 4.1.0

Version 4.1.0 is a release with a very limited set of new features. In fact, there are only two new features in this release. This makes it our smallest release to date. But one item in it makes it our most important release as well!


Fighting A Bad Upstream Package Update: Imagick

Over the weekend, many of our servers started to exhibit weird behavior. Commands and processes that were working just fine suddenly failed with little explanation. Upon deeper inspection we discovered that the maintainer of the Imagick PHP module had changed the package to be a “meta” package. Imagick is a module that WordPress relies on…


What’s New In WPCloud Deploy 4.0.0

WPCD Version 4.0.0 is nothing short of a MASSIVE release. It includes a number of popular feature requests as well as our usual plethora of smaller tweaks, enhancements and fixes. So, without further ado, here are all the new and updated features that we packed into it. Custom Servers (Bring Your Own Server) At the…


5 Best-Practices For New Servers Built On WPCloudDeploy

After you deploy a server using WPCloudDeploy you have multiple options to help protect it and keep it running properly. 1. Turn On Malware Scanning & Detection Malware scanning and detection is an easily deployable feature on WPCD servers that contain at least 2 GB of memory (technically 1 GB is enough but most servers…