WPCloudDeploy Offer Incredible Features and Value For Agencies

  • Apply your brand across the entire dashboard
  • Team functions offer super-tight security control for each server & site
  • New revenue opportunities with our unique WooCommerce integrations
  • Incredible savings compared to classic WP hosting services

Unique Features For Agencies Always Included

From white-labelling to teams, we've got you covered.


Build Your Brand

Since it's a true WordPress plugin, you can include it in a unique management portal that you create to reflect your brand.  



Use popular WordPress plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields to extend the data associated with servers and sites.


Skin It

Need to quickly skin your wp-admin area using plugins like SLATE PRO, LEGACY & others?  WPCloud Deploy adapts because it primarily uses core wp-admin elements..  It's a true wp-admin plugin and so plays well with many skins.


Multi-user Ready

Create teams to grant selected users access to specific servers, sites and functions.  You can even create a team for every one of your customers!

Build a Niche Hosting Business

Multisite Ready

Fully compatible with WordPress Multi-site.  Special features included to make building a Multisite offering easier.  See fireupwp.com for an example.


WP-Ultimo Ready

Fully tested with WP-Ultimo so that you can offer your own WordPress server management dashboard plans to your customers.


Developer Friendly

You wouldn't be an agency if you didn't write some level of code for WordPress.  Check out all our developer-friendly features.


Sell Server Subscriptions

Offer WordPress server subscriptions using WooCommerce & the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.  Learn More.


Sell WordPress Site Subscriptions

Offer WordPress site subscriptions using WooCommerce & the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.  Learn More.


Multiple Deployment Options

Create one panel for all your servers.  Or create dedicated panels for certain customers.  Even create on-demand panels using WPUltimo! Learn More


Scalable, Distributed WaaS

A scalable, distributed, custom WaaS (WordPress As A Service) offering that overcome many of the shortcomings of Multisite WordPress is now possible!  Learn More.


Deploy In Your Language

Most SaaS services offer a few languages.  But with WPCD you can deploy in multiple languages - even set up different panels to uniquely target different regions in the world!

You get all this for a single annual flat fee, covering unlimited servers and sites!  No surprise upcharges - ever!

Time Saving Benefits

  • No More 2FA Delegation Hell

    If you're an agency that manage sites at different hosts, you know the issues with 2FA.  Scrambling to call your client to get the 2FA code to login to fix an urgent issue can be a thing of the past when you're in control of your own cloud servers! 

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