Features All WordPress Developers Will Love...

  • Extensive set of WordPress filter and action hooks
  • Examples on github
  • 100% open source

Create Extensions and Customize Without Breaking A Sweat


100% Open Source

As with any open source product, everything is available for inspection and modification.  This includes all the server commands, bash scripts and utilities.


Quick Start Sample

Developing custom add-ons is a breeze with our quick-start sample add-on.  View it on Github.


Developer Tutorials

We include multiple tutorials to get developers quickly building add-ons that push custom functions to your sites and servers.  View them here.


Integrate Standard Plugins

Use common developer-focused plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, and more.


Data In Standard WP Tables

Data held in standard WordPress custom post type tables - easy for developers to extract, use, display and modify.


Client Area Integration

Use common client-area, membership and branding plugins to make the server & site admin areas unique to your brand.

What Can You Build?

  • New Server Providers

    Have a favorite provider that you would like to connect directly to WPCloudDeploy?  You can do that!  As long as the provider has an API of some kind, you can create a WPCD module which will allow you to deploy servers directly from inside wp-admin.

  • Customize The Software Stack

    Extend WPCD to add your own custom software to the server.  Or automatically install your favorite WordPress plugins and themes after creating a new site.

  • One-click Utilities

    Are there commands you're constantly running on each server or site?  Create one-click buttons to immediately invoke them and get-back results. All without ever directly logging into the server.



Tutorial: Add Custom Functionality To WPCD, Part 1


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Tutorial: Add Custom Functionality To WPCD, Part 3


Tutorial: Add Custom Functionality To WPCD, Part 4