Easily Deploy and Manage WordPress Servers and Sites From Inside Your WordPress Dashboard

Power Users: Step Up Your Game

  • Move away from standard hosting & take your sites to the next level
  • Gain total control and see what you've been missing
  • Level-up your WordPress administration skills
  • Offer your clients new & improved services
  • Easily Deploy & Manage Your Own WordPress Servers And Sites

    Just moving to your own cost-effective cloud servers will give all your sites a performance boost!  You'll look like a hero while doing almost nothing!

  • Level Up Your Skills Without Taking Too Much Risk

    The next step up from letting others do the work for you is doing it yourself.  This is an easy introduction to managing your own servers. Everything is still point and click.  Except it's your server. And we've got your back with any server related administration question. 

  • Knowledgeable Technical Support

    We're right there if you ever need us.

  • Easy To Use & Instantly Familiar

    It is a WordPress plugin which makes it easy to use and familiar to any WordPress admin.

Building A Business?

Offer a unique branded experience to your customers and staff.


Build Your Brand

Since it's a true WordPress plugin, you can include it in a unique management portal that you create to reflect your brand.  



Use popular WordPress plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields to extend the data associated with servers and sites.


Skin It

Need to quickly skin your wp-admin area using plugins like SLATE PRO, LEGACY & others?  WPCloud Deploy adapts because it primarily uses core wp-admin elements..  It's a true wp-admin plugin and so plays well with many skins.


Multi-user Ready

Create teams to grant selected users access to specific servers, sites and functions.  You can even create a team for every one of your customers!

Build a Niche Hosting Business

Multisite Ready

Fully compatible with WordPress Multi-site.  Special features included to make building a Multisite offering easier.


WP-Ultimo Ready

Fully tested with WP-Ultimo if you prefer to use multisite to offer your own WordPress server management dashboard plans to your customers.


Sell Server Subscriptions

Offer WordPress server subscriptions using WooCommerce & the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.  Learn More.

All The Core Features You Expect In One Integrated Control Panel

We know you want the same functions you're used to at your current provider.  We've got that and more!


Root Access

Full access to your servers with no restrictions -they're YOUR servers after-all!  You will NEVER get this at your current provider.


Familiar LEMP Stack

Linux • Nginx  • MariaDB • PHP

No proprietary "secret sauce"


Full Backup and Restore

Every site & server backed up to your Amazon S3 account.  Advanced users can use our command-line scripts to send backups to 20+ providers!


Clone & Duplicate Sites

Duplicate any site to a new site.  Search and replace old Urls with new ones.


Push Sites Between Servers

Copy sites between servers - even those located at different cloud providers!


Server Sync

Sync entire servers to create a "cold standby" in intervals of as low as 15 minutes.



Free SSL certificates deployed via LetsEncrypt.



WP-CLI enabled on all sites.


And Everything Else You Expect

Multiple Firewall options • Full page cache • Multiple sFTP users • Domain Search & Replace • Much Much More! View All Features.

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