Build Your Next SaaS On WordPress

Everything you need to build, deploy and manage your next SaaS on WordPress.

Build Your Next SaaS On WordPress

Everything you need to build, deploy and manage your next SaaS on WordPress.

Why Build Your SaaS On WordPress?


Thousands Of Pre-Built Features

WordPress has thousands of plugins (and themes) with deep functionality. They all offer a great starting point for whatever functionality you need.


WordPress is Stable & Mature

It has been around and maintained for almost 20 years – one of the longest running content management infrastructure systems out there.

And its installed base is still growing!


Incredible Support

Just about any major (and most minor) software stack supports or integrates with WordPress. Additionally, it is well understood by hundreds of thousands of developers. If you need software development services for it, you have an abundance of choice!



WordPress has more users tearing apart its code looking for security issues than just about any other platform – by multiple orders of magnitude. With that kind of scrutiny, silly security issues don’t exist for long.



A WordPress based SaaS (WaaS) automatically includes a certain level of tenant isolation that isn’t usually included in your standard built-from-scratch SaaS. This has huge positive ramifications for your customers.


Multiple Deployment Options

  • Multisite
  • Standard Sites
  • Multi-tenant


Easily scale both vertically (larger servers) and horizontally (more servers).  Scale across multiple regions without breaking a sweat.



Easily build for your local audience with built-in support for translations and other locale specific items.


Open Source

100% open source mean that you can customize as much as you need to reflect your vision.


WordPress is an incredible platform on which to build your next SaaS.

It’s been around (what feels like) forever, has a huge community of developers, is well understood, has tons of themes and feature plugins and uses a battle tested tech stack.

What Will It Cost To Build Your SaaS On WordPress?



You can get started building your SaaS with WordPress multisite for as little as $1000 without using WPCloudDeploy.


Standard Sites

This is the recommended deployment option for your MVP and most smaller SaaSes.

You can get started for around $2500.



This is the recommended option for large SaaSes.

Minimum deployment cost is around $5000.


If you're not a developer, you'll need to add the cost(s) for a developer to your budget. Our services page have additional options for pre-configured packages to get your SaaS up and running FAST.


WordPress Will Cost Less In The Long Run

Start up costs are less.  You don't need the most advanced developers which translates to lower costs.  Scaling costs are less (compare to something like which will easily cost an order of magnitude more.) Using existing feature plugins mean upgrade costs will be less. 

There are lower costs everywhere you look!

Any Level of WordPress Developer Can Build a SaaS


Visual Developers

Developers who primarily use pre-built themes, page builders and existing plugins can easily build an MVP on WordPress. 

Little to no code required to get to an MVP (minimum viable product) in most cases.


Intermediate Developers

Developers who have some familiarity with writing or making basic changes to WP code can easily build a SaaS with customized onboarding and a relative custom front-end. 

In some cases you can configure and build things so that the user never sees the wp-admin area.


Advanced Developers

Advanced developers can use WordPress as a platform while building using WP headless concepts.

Fully customized and advanced onboarding, configuration, upsell-downsells are possible here.

Learn More

Start a conversation with us if you're serious about building a highly scalable WordPress based SaaS.

How Does WPCloudDeploy Deploy & Manage Your SaaS?


Build One or More Templates

Build your template sites that serve as the blue-print for all your customer sites.

Build one template or multiple templates.  

Store them on one or more template servers ready for deployment.


Connect Templates To Your Store

Connect your template sites to your WooCommerce store. 

Create one or more products from each template.


Manage & Scale Your SaaS

Deploy new servers

Push new template versions

Move high-volume sites to dedicated or larger servers

And so much more...


Promote Your SaaS

Use standard WooCommerce store functions to promote your store using discount codes, trial periods, upsells and more.


Manage Your Code & Templates

Create dedicated versions

Integrate with Github

And so much more...

Review Pricing

Affordable pricing for your new SaaS on WordPress.

A Few Low Level Nitty Gritty Details

A small selection of features that help deploy and manage your WordPress SaaS for the long term

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Designate Which Servers Will Host Customers' Sites

    You can choose to use only a subset of your servers to host your customer sites.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Sites Can Be Automatically Assigned To Any One Of A Pool Of Servers

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Create Custom Products For Sites That Need Specific Servers

    Great for assigning sites to servers in specific regions.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Rename Server Provider Labels

    Prevents exposure of the providers you are using for your servers.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Version Control

    Create versions for sites and integrate with Github for easy management of your code.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Cloudflare DNS Integration

    Assign a temporary DNS to make the site immediately available.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Site Deletion & Cancellation Control

    Admins can choose to automatically delete sites upon subscription expiration or choose to do it manually.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Automatic SSL For Temporary Domains

    Admins can choose to automatically issue an SSL certificate for temporary domains.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Automatically Delete DNS Entries

    When a site is deleted (either by the admin or because of a subscription expiration or cancellation) the admin can choose to delete the DNS entry at Cloudflare automatically.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Setup Template Sites

    Create template sites that can be used as the basis for your customers' new sites.  Each product you define can use a different template site.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    Customizable Confirmation Emails When Sites Are Ready

    Admins can create highly personalized confirmation emails when sites are ready to be used.  "Tokens" allow data such as the user id, passwords and site URLs to be replaced in the email body.

  • icons8-checkmark-100×100-blue

    WooCommerce Confirmation Page Messages

    Admins can create a message that appears at the top of the WooCommerce order confirmation page to provide additional instructions on how to proceed after checkout is complete.

WordPress SaaS Resources & Learning Materials


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