Deploy Servers From Inside

How Can WPCloudDeploy Help Your Business & Customers?

  • Better Performance
  • Better Security
  • More Flexibility
  • Lower Costs

Transcend the limits of traditional hosting & WordPress Server Management Tools. 

  • Get An Immediate Speed Boost

    Dedicated cloud server resources provide an immediate speed boost with no changes to your site.  

  • No Command Line Necessary

    Run your servers & sites without ever seeing the command line.  Though, it's there if you ever need it - complete with root access.

  • Knowledgeable Technical Support

    We're right there if you ever need us.

  • Immediate Savings

    If you're happy with your site you can spend less for the same performance.

  • Flexible

    You can do things with our platform and on your servers that would be impossible to achieve on regular hosts.

  • Better Security

    Fewer third-parties rummaging around your sites!


Own Your Servers

Dramatically improve your hosting experience by taking control of your own servers.  Easily deploy and provision WordPress servers at any of the major cloud server providers. 


Total Server Control

Exercise total control over what is deployed on your servers and sites as well as how it's deployed.  You own and control the entire stack and user experience - top to bottom.


Reap Savings

A single annual fee for unlimited servers of any size and unlimited sites across all your servers.  No additional fees for white label, teams or granular security.  Simple pricing suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Gain Flexibility

Extend the plugin with your own custom add-ons that supply the features you need. Override or extend existing functionality to deploy servers and sites exactly the way you want.


Full Transparency

Inspect everything that is run and installed on your server and sites.  100% open-source means nothing is hidden, nothing is proprietary.


Better Security

Running your own cloud panel reduces the number of entities with direct access to your servers and sites.  There will be fewer third-parties with their hooks in your infrastructure!


Your Language

Translate the entire plugin using standard WordPress tools. You can finally have a WordPress Management Dashboard that speaks YOUR language!



Working on projects with sticky privacy issues?  Your metadata about your servers, sites and customers are yours and yours alone.  Problem solved!


Better Data Analysis

Export your server and site data using any standard WordPress export tool.  Import the data into spreadsheets, CRMs, databases and more.  


Replace Expensive Services

Replace WPEngine, Kinsta, GoDaddy, SiteGround and other WordPress hosts with  much cheaper servers from popular cloud providers.


Better Disaster Prevention

Easily distribute your customer sites across different geographic regions & cloud server providers. A single issue in one location or provider will not take down all your sites.


Better Disaster Recovery

If your WordPress management dashboard goes down for some reason, it's easy to just restore the site elsewhere and get up and running again FAST!  This is just not possible with regular SaaS style dashboards!

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