Release Notes

WPCloudDeploy 4.7.1: A Security-Focused Release

July 19, 2021

WPCD V 4.7.x has ZERO new features. Instead it is a release focused on bug-fixes, code improvement and, more importantly, a release that has been audited for security issues by a third party. If you’re looking for information about new features, please check out the announcement from our last release – version 4.6.0 (or any…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 4.6.0

June 3, 2021

We’ve spent the last couple of months testing WPCloudDeploy 4.6.0 and, after taking it through our fast-ring process for a couple of months, it’s finally ready for general distribution. The new features impact many areas including: Performance Security Aesthetics Server scripts and more Some of the new features require that we introduce breaking changes. This…

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Introducing Support For Microsoft Azure

May 2, 2021

This is another one we’ve had this one on our todo list for a while now and so we’re very happy to report that it’s finally available! With this module you can create servers in Azure from inside the WPCD control panel. You no longer have to use our custom server option to connect these…

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Introducing Support For The Google Cloud Platform

March 30, 2021

We’ve had this one on our todo list for a while now. I’m happy to report that it’s FINALLY done. With this module you can create servers in GCP directly from inside WPCD. Prior to this feature being available you could only provision GCP servers manually using our Bring Your Own Server module. Combined with…

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Selling Recurring Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce V 1.4

March 14, 2021

When WPCloudDeploy V 4.6 is released it will include support for a few new features in our Sell Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce add-on. New: Choose Server Sizes Directly The current version of our WooCommerce integration require that you create aliases such as “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” for server sizes. With this version we allow for…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 4.5.0

February 8, 2021

Version 4.5 of WPCloudDeploy is slowly being rolled out to customers. It brings with it a number of new features including our first direct DNS integration, support for new WooCommerce integrated functions, new white label functions and more. New: CloudFlare DNS Integration Up till now WPCD has not had a native integration with any DNS…

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New Feature: Sell WordPress Site Subscriptions With WooCommerce

January 30, 2021

Last year we introduced a feature where admins could setup subscriptions for cloud servers using WooCommerce. Now we’ve taken that concept one step further – admins can now set up subscriptions for WordPress sites…

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Updates To Selling Recurring Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce

January 18, 2021

Way way back in September 2020 (2020 already feels like a lifetime ago..), we released a new feature that allowed admins to sell recurring subscriptions to cloud servers using WooCommerce. But, we made a tactical error back then by including the feature in the core plugin. It was a tactical error for two reasons: It…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 4.3.0

January 8, 2021

Version 4.3.0 will be the second release since the end of our Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Lifetime Sale and its features are a direct result of that sale. BFCM2020 is the first time (and probably will be the only time) we discounted our lifetime options. And, as you might expect, the new customers who…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 4.2.0

December 4, 2020

Version 4.2.0 of WPCloudDeploy is a smallish release. It includes three new features, a bunch of tweaks and the usual minor fixes that usually accompany any new software release. New features include options for power, new charts on the statistics screen and more.

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Advanced Backups (AKA Backups V2)

November 15, 2020

WPCD has always had a backup process for your WordPress site.  However, while the current backup process is easy to use, that ease of use brings some limitations: It only sends data to Amazon S3 The scheduling is fixed and Multiple remote targets and accounts are not supported. For the vast majority of our users,…

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WPCloudDeploy 4.1.0 – A Security Focused Update Featuring WPScan & Dewhurst Security

October 28, 2020

Version 4.1.0 of WPCloudDeploy has only two new features. In fact, it probably has the least amount of new features of any release we’ve ever done. But there’s a good reason for that. Before we talk about that reason, here are the two new features: You can now choose a language / locale when installing…

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