Release Notes

What’s New in WPCloud Deploy 2.6.0

July 1, 2020

Today we’re releasing our July update. With this feature release we’ve focused primarily on making the panel more useful in day-to-day activities. New: Custom links to servers and sites With this new feature, you can create custom clickable links that show up in the server or app list. You can create links that, for example,…

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What’s New in WPCloud Deploy 2.5.0

June 13, 2020

Version 2.5.0 of WPCloud Deploy is now available. In this release we focused on enhancements to both the server side scripts as well as the capabilities exposed in the dashboard UI. Even though we’re tagging this as a point release, there are plenty of new features and upgrades to keep most users happy. New: Backup…

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What’s New in WPCloud Deploy 2.4.0

June 4, 2020

WPCloud Deploy 2.4.0 is now generally available and comes with some awesome new features. Here are a few of the highlights: Teams The biggest new feature for this release is TEAMS. With teams, you can lock down access to specific servers and sites to designated individuals. You can learn more about teams in our documentation.…

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What’s New in WPCloud Deploy 2.3.0

May 16, 2020

WPCD 2.3.0 is primarily a bug fix release that stomps out a few pesky critters. But it does have one tiny new feature in it. New: Notes for API Keys and SSH Keys When you’re managing a lot of servers across a multitude of providers you might need to keep notes on api keys and…

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What’s New In WPCloud Deploy 2.2.0

May 5, 2020

We just pushed a new version of WPCloud Deploy for public consumption. We added quite a few items internally as well as a couple of minor exterior items. Better Multisite Support You can now reliably deploy the plugin to a Multisite install of WordPress – as long as you activate it on a site-by-site basis.…

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