Release Notes

Coming Soon: WPCloudDeploy 5.7.0

February 19, 2024

Welcome to our first major release of 2024. It has FOUR new major features, a series of smaller enhancements. And, of course, the usual plethora of tweaks, nips and tucks. The four major new features are: New: UI ‘Cards’ The most obvious change in WPCloudDeploy v5.7 is the use of “cards” in most of the site and server tabs. By…

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Introducing WPCloudDeploy Momentum

January 7, 2024

We’re starting off 2024 by introducing a new PRODUCTIZED SERVICE – WPCloudDeploy Momentum. WPCloudDeploy Momentum builds on the WPCloudDeploy software stack SaaS features by integrating Generative AI into template sites. This allows for UNIQUE sites for each customer each and every time. Imagine building a single template site, yet every site cloned from it is unique (text and images).  That’s…

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Introducing Experimental ARM Support for Hetzner Servers

December 13, 2023

Version 1.5 of our Hetzner integrated server provider now includes experimental support for their ARM instances. This joins our EC2 Gravitron ARM support which was our first attempt at supporting ARM processors. Depending on your use case, these instances can cost less to run compared to Intel and AMD processors – theoretically, the price/performance ratio is lower. For example, at…

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What’s New in WPCloudDeploy 5.6.0

November 27, 2023

WPCloudDeploy 5.6.0 is going to be the last major release of 2023. Any additional 2023 releases will be minor for high-priority bug fixes and important tweaks only. This release has a focus on 3rd party integrations and site security. Here’s what we’re adding to cap off 2023: New: Logtivity Integration Almost everyone reading this is probably going to go “ummm…what…

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What’s New In The AWS Fault-Tolerant Load-Balanced Scripts

October 30, 2023

Our AWS CloudFormation scripts that deploy a load-balancing, fault-tolerant WordPress stack on AWS in under an hour is not something that gets a lot of updates or attention. So, if you’re a frequent reader of our site articles and have no idea what we’re talking about, you’re probably not alone in that. (You can learn more about this product on…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 5.5.0

October 25, 2023

Version 5.5.0 of WPCloudDeploy includes one major new feature and multiple updates and refinements to one of the major features that were released in the prior version (v5.4.0). Plus, of course, the usual minor tweaks and fixes. New: Site Update Plans Site Update Plans are used to push files and certain configuration updates out to multiple EXISTING sites simultaneously. This feature…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 5.4.0

October 13, 2023

Version 5.4.0 of WPCloudDeploy is an update that ships with a small number of new but very useful features. It also includes the removal of a couple of outdated features and the usual suite of minor fixes that normally accompany software updates. Potential Breaking Updates If you have sites that are using older versions of PHP (i.e.: versions older than…

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Introducing Product Packages For our WooCommerce Integration

October 4, 2023

Version 3.3 of our WooCommerce integration will include a major new feature we’re calling “Product Packages”. Product Packages allow you to automatically activate plugins and themes on a per-product basis, configure memory usage per product and inject the product id, product categories and custom values into the tenant wp-config.php file on a per-product basis. It even allows you to configure…

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Recent WPCloudDeploy Maintenance Updates

August 8, 2023

Since the release of WPCloudDeploy 5.3, there have been several minor releases with fixes and tweaks. However, we’re aware that not everyone reads the file included with the WPCD .zip package, especially when using WP automatic updates. This article is a re-hash of that readme file so that it’s easier for folks to discover what changed between each of…

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What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 5.3

August 6, 2023

WPCloudDeploy 5.3 is primarily an infrastructure related update. It does contain a couple of minor new features and a few important fixes. But, most of the new features are going to be invisible to you. It is an important update because it makes it easier for developers to access, use and customize GIT and MULTI-TENANT features that would otherwise require…

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Introducing Multi-tenant Features & Services

January 8, 2023

There are three ways to build out a WordPress SaaS (WaaS): Of course, each option has its advantages and disadvantages and, for a long time, WPCD supported only the first two. But now we’re happy to introduce support for Multi-tenant deployments as well. Features Our implementation of Multi-tenancy offers the following features: and more! Versioning You can create a new…

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Introducing Git Integration Services

January 3, 2023

We’re kicking off 2023 with a bang by introducing two new advanced features. First up is this – WPCloudDeploy now offers deep integration with Github repositories. There are pluses and minuses to this but first let’s talk about the core elements in the feature set. There are two levels to our integration: Basic Advanced The basic integration is a standard…

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