How WordPress Emails Work

December 27, 2020

Recently we came across a question on a WordPress related Facebook group about WordPress emails. The way the question was…

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Add Your Existing SSH Key To The Root User Account

October 29, 2020

So, you’ve provisioned a server but your host didn’t install an ssh key-pair for you. Which likely means that you’re…

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Extract The SSH Public Key From A Private Key File

October 27, 2020

So, you’ve lost your public key but still have your private key. Or, maybe, you’ve downloaded the private key portion…

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5 Best-Practices For New Servers Built On WPCloudDeploy

October 3, 2020

After you deploy a server using WPCloudDeploy you have multiple options to help protect it and keep it running properly.…

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Resolving A Conflict Between Cache-Enabler and Beaver Builder

September 4, 2020

WPCloudDeploy uses the Cache-Enabler plugin as part of its caching stack. But recent updates to it seems to have broken the Beaver Builder page builder (and likely some other plugins as well).

There are two symptoms of this conflict…

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Adventures In Building WaaS Sites

August 5, 2020

Note: This article covers building WaaS projects using WP Multisite and WPUltimo. However, you now have other options such as…

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Our Experience With WPUltimo Hooks

August 2, 2020

Note: This article was written based on WPUltimo version 1.x. Since then WPUltimo 2.x has been released. Hence, some of…

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Do Not Let A Single Failure Take All Your Clients Offline

May 27, 2020

A few weeks ago I was perusing one of the hosting groups on Facebook and encountered a post where a…

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8 Best-Practices For Sites Built On WPCloudDeploy Servers

May 25, 2020

So, you’ve created your first server and fired up your first site. But, as with any other profession, there are…

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A Dozen+ Ways To Fire Up Your Own WordPress Server

May 25, 2020

If you’ve been around the WordPress ecosystem for a while, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of running your own…

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The Five Levels of Caching In WordPress

April 9, 2020

id you know that there are 5 different places that caches can exist in any given WordPress installation? Not all installs use all levels but understanding where they are and why they’re there can help you in troubleshooting some thorny issues that caches can cause.

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Installing And Managing WordPress From The Command Line

March 19, 2020

The command line can be faster and easier for a lot of tasks. But its not for everyone. Still, if…

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