Cloudways Drops Support For Certain Competitors

Last year, DigitalOcean acquired Cloudways in a 350M acquisition deal. At the time, folks were wondering if they would keep supporting competitors on the platform.

We now have the answer.

It looks like they have quietly dropped support for Vultr and Linode. Their pricing page no longer show these two vendors as options.

However, AWS and GOOGLE CLOUD pricing and options are still present.

We’re not sure if that’s because there aren’t many customers using AWS & GOOGLE through the Cloudways platform and they’re keeping them on there so they can claim to be neutral; or if there are too many customers using them it’s hard to justify dropping support.

So far though, current customers seem to still be able to deploy new VULTR and LINODE servers on the platform. We’re guessing it’s just a matter of time before support is dropped completely and even existing customers will no longer be able to deploy servers at most other providers.

Many folks like using Cloudways because they are able to control the size and locations of servers being deployed while still getting a decent amount of tech support. If you’re looking to use Vultr or Linode servers in a semi-managed capacity, there’s no other mainstream vendor that will offer that type of solution.

Your next best option is to deploy the server yourself using services such as WPCloudDeploy, Gridpane, SpinupWP, RunCloud, Ploi etc.

Our WPCloudPanel Servers service might be a good alternative as well since we still manage the servers for you (similar to Cloudways).

Ironically, when we created the WPCloudPanel site, it was merely to demonstrate the capabilities of WPCloudDeploy and its deep integration with WooCommerce. Maybe we should really focus on marketing the thing now thanks to Cloudways’ move here?

Regardless, WPCloudDeploy customers might have an opportunity here to capture users who want a Cloudways experience but using Vultr, Linode and other similar vendors instead of being forced into DigitalOcean products.

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