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Many Management Panels Just Don't Meet The Needs Of WordPress Professionals

  • There are lots of apps that say they support WordPress. But most of them simply do the bare minimum and don't optimize WordPress for best performance and security.
  • Only apps that focus primarily on WordPress seem to get it right. But even those seem to miss some of the most obvious things. Like disabling a site. Or offering a UI for PHP options.
  • And none of them, including the ones that come closest to getting it right, is a pure WordPress open source plugin! Are they even using WordPress to drive the APP you're going to use? If not, then you have to ask the obvious question - why not?

OOPS: Ok, we have to apologize.  We created a spreadsheet table below which unfortunately is hard to navigate on a mobile device.  Maybe just send a link to your email and view the whole thing on a wide screen later?  We're still trying to figure out how to compress all this data down to their most essential elements for viewing on smaller devices.

/Easy Engine
Native WordPress Plugin
Plugin Developers Handling Support
Admin Features
Custom Fields For Servers
Custom Fields For Sites
Flexible Sorting and Filtering
Command Line Management
Unique Features
Cold "standby" server (Server sync)
Proprietary Tech Stack
Server Providers
Digital Ocean
LinodeManual LinkManual Link
VultrManual LinkManual Link
AWS EC2Manual LinkManual Link
AWS LIGHTSAILManual LinkManual Link
UpcloudManual LinkManual Link
HetznerManual LinkManual Link
ExoscaleManual LinkManual Link
Microsoft AzureManual LinkManual Link
Google CloudManual LinkManual Link
AlibabaManual LinkManual Link
"Custom Server"/"Bring Your Own Server"
Backup and Restore
Backup to AWS S3
Other External Backup OptionsManualManualManual
Simple Restore
Key WordPress Features
Object Caching
Page Caching
WP-Specific Security
Linux CRON Job For WP
Free SSL With Lets Encrypt
Site Cloning And Copy To Staging
Change Domain in Place (With Search & Replace)
Database Access with PHPAdmin
Theme & Plugin Updates
Bulk Plugin & Theme Updates
Update themes and plugins on multiple sites simultaneously
Server Features
Root Access
Standard Firewall (Block Ports)
NGINX Firewall (Block Known Bad Requests)
Password Protect Site (Basic Authentication)
Enable Or Disable Site With One (or Two) Click(s)


WordOps and Easy Engine are pure command line tools - there is no UI or dashboard.

Data as of March 2020; Portions of WPCD Updated October 2020 for WPCD 4.0