Incredibly Low Cost-Per-Unit Of Performance

  • Moving from a classic host such as WPEngine or Kinsta will immediately provide an increase in performance.
  • The cost of each unit of performance will be lower, period!
  • Get An Immediate Speed Boost

    Dedicated cloud server resources provide an immediate speed boost with no changes to your site.  Most sites can pay less for a cloud server to get the same performance as they do now at their current host.

  • Manage Unlimited Servers & Sites For A Single Fee

    It does not matter how many servers and sites you deploy - you will pay the same fee.  The larger your business, the more savings you realize.

  • Annual Savings of Thousands of Dollars?

    Some classic WordPress hosts charge an incredible amount.  If you're using one of those, you might be able to save thousands every year!

Driving Your Average Cost Per Site Through The Floor

Save $$$

No Markups

Pay only the already low advertised rate for your servers at your selected server provider(s).  Most cloud providers provide huge discounts for yearly contracts as well - you can take advantage of those and drive your costs much lower without any markups by a third party!


Get Serious Cost Savings For Smaller Sites

As Low As $2.50 per site! 

2 servers  at $12 per month = $24/month or $288/year

+ $299.00 per year for WPCloudDeploy

Total: ~$2.45 per month per site for 20 small sites (10 on each server).


Save 50% or More On All Sites

After factoring all your costs, it's easy to see dramatic cost savings compared to traditional hosts. Typical Savings.

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