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Identify The Largest Backups On Your Server

As you are probably aware, WPCD allows you to keep some backups locally on your server.  This makes it a snap to restore to a known checkpoint.

However, those backups take disk space.  And, sometimes you might want to know which site backups are using the most space.

Here is how you can get this information:

Step 1: SSH Into Your Server

You need to run the linux du command directly on the server which means SSH.

So, login to your server as root/sudo via ssh.

Step 2: Navigate To The WPCD Backups Folder

cd ~/wp-backup

If you get an error try one of the following instead:

cd /root/wp-backup


sudo cd /root/wp-backup

Step 3: Run This DU Command

sudo du -sh *

The output should look something like this:

1.7G domain1.com
8.8G domain2.com
3.6G domain3.com
129M domain4.com
21G  domain5.com
5.0G domain6.net
18G  domain7.com
5.9G domain8.com

The first column contains the size of the folder – in the above example domain1.com is using 1.7 gigabytes of backup space and domain2.com is using 8.8 gigabytes [of backup space]. Domain4.com is only using 129 megabytes.

You’ll notice that the output isn’t sorted by size.  To get a sorted output, use this instead:

sudo du -sh * | sort -h