WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Technical Upgrade Notes For V 5.0.x


Version 5.0.x of WPCloudDeploy includes some major new features.  As such, there are some minor steps you need to take to upgrade your existing installations.

Please review the items below and follow the instructions in each section.

How To Install The New Version

If you have any premium modules installed, you should NOT upgrade from the WordPress automatic updates screen until all WPCD premium modules have been deactivated.

The reason for this restriction is the new version of the core plugin will not work with older premium modules (and vice-versa) and will cause fatal PHP errors (aka white screen errors).

Instead you should follow these steps to properly update all premium modules:

  • Deactivate all premium modules
  • Upgrade WPCD Core (either by uploading or by using the WP auto-update process)
  • MANUALLY upload and overwrite all the other premium add-ons (you can get the latest files from your account area)
  • Re-activate your premium add-ons

If you do not follow these steps you WILL trigger a WP fatal white-screen error.  This is because the new core version will not work with your older premium modules.

Connection Tests For Providers

After installing the updated WPCloudDeploy plugin, please head over to the SETTINGS area and look at each of your Providers.

If a provider has a new TEST CONNECTION button, you will need to use that at least once before the remaining fields are shown and your providers start working again.


The AWS S3 API now requires a default region.

Existing servers should be fine without it but new servers will require this – please make sure you add it to your settings screen.  If it’s missing we’ll use US-EAST-1 as the default – which might not be the correct one for your existing buckets!


  • The meta that tracks whether the page cache is enabled was renamed from wpapp_nginx_pagecache_status to wpapp_pagecache_status.  The upgrade should occur automatically whenever you view a site in WPCD.  We’re mentioning it here in case you have custom code that uses the old meta.

After Upgrade Tasks

  • Disable and re-enable callbacks for all servers to get the benefits of the latest callback scripts.  This will allow servers to push additional data elements introduced in WPCD 5.0 to WPCD.
  • Disable and re-enable backups for all servers (if you’re using server level backups)
  • If you are using automatically scheduled backups, add an alert to your calendar for two days from now to remind you to download and open the zip files from S3 for your latest backup(s) (to verify that things are indeed being backed up.  This is a good alert to have once per month).

After Upgrade: Recommended (But Optional) Tasks

Next Steps

Important:  If you just upgraded from version 4.x, you should now follow the instructions in the 5.3 Upgrade Notes!