WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Getting Started With WPCD Multi-tenant


Before you can use the WPCD Multi-tenant module you need the following:

  • Install and activate the WPCD GIT module.
  • If you intend to allow your customers to purchase their own sites you’ll need to install and WPCD WooCommerce module as well as the WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins.

Activating Multi-tenant Options

Multi-tenant is a premium option offered only as a combined software + services product.  The software (plugin) is not available without the services component.

The software itself is provided as a regular WordPress plugin – upload and activate it from the WordPress PLUGINS screen.

Once activated you will see a few new options:

  • A new Multi-tenant tab in your global SETTINGS area under WPCLOUDDEPLOY → APP: WORDPRESS SETTINGS → MULTI-TENANT
  • A new Multi-tenant tab under each server
  • A new Multi-tenant tab under each site


Currently, Multi-tenant features are only support on NGINX webservers and on server providers who allow ‘root’ logins.  This means that providers such as AWS, AZURE and GOOGLE are not supported.   We hope to remove these restrictions shortly.

Next Steps

Support Policy

As mentioned in our introduction to Multi-tenant document, this module is only available with a services or upgraded support contact.  But, in the event that we release this module to everyone without the requirement for a services or enhanced support contract, the following terms will apply (text is struck-out because it is not applicable right now given that the module is only available as part of a separate enhanced support and services contract):

Even though Multi-tenant  is included as part of our ALL ACCESS package, it is not provided with free support.  The reason is simple – it is complex with a lot of moving parts and we can easily burn many hours attempting to help you get up and running.

We will respond to SOME support questions for free, especially clearly out-lined bug reports.

All other questions will need to be part of a paid enhanced support contract.

This decision is simply one of support resources.

The alternative would be to simply not release it at all as a product and, instead, make it part of a services-only offering.  If it turns out that folks are really Really not happy with the support policy, we will withdraw it as a stand-alone product and return it to a services-only offering.  We figured most folks would rather prefer to attempt to play with it instead of not having access to it at all.