WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Hooks, Filters Etc.

You can create your own function that bypasses our script that creates and updates tenant files.  With these lifecycle hooks you can do some every powerful things such as:

  • Symlink the full plugins or themes folder instead of individual folders
  • Symlink core files and dynamically edit them to use a single version of the WP Core
  • Run custom upgrade routines using wp-cli and your custom plugins
  • Handle thorny plugin and theme licensing issues
  • etc.

Learn more about some of the scripts in the read-me file in the wp-content/plugins/wp-cloud-deploy/includes/core/apps/wordpress-app/scripts/v1/multi-tenant-pre-post-samples folder.

You also have access to the usual external custom scripts as described in the Using Post-Processing Custom Bash Scripts document.