WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Upgrading Tenants

As you create new versions of your templates, you will eventually want to upgrade your existing tenants.

You can do this on the Multi-tenant tab for the template.

Upgrade Multiple Tenants

  • Navigate to the template site detail screen
  • Click on the Multi-tenant tab
  • Scroll down to the UPGRADE TENANTS section
  • For the Upgrade Tenants To This Version field, select the version that tenants will be upgraded to
  • To upgrade all tenants, click the UPGRADE ALL TENANTS button
  • To upgrade a subset of tenants, select one of the other options and click the related UPGRADE button.

Upgrade A Single Tenant

To upgrade a single tenant:

  • Navigate to the tenant site detail screen
  • Click on the Multi-tenant tab
  • In the UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE section, enter the new version you will be upgrading the tenant to (the default version will be the current version the tenant is running)
  • Click the APPLY NEW VERSION button.