WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Simultaneous Dashboard Actions

As with many web sites, it’s easy to open up WPCD dashboard windows in multiple tabs.  This can be very useful and, in fact, some of the default links in the dashboard open up in new tabs.  However, you should never initiate multiple simultaneous ACTIVE operations in different tabs.

For example, do not open up a separate tab to delete a server while another one is being created in a separate tab.  If you try, you will find that only one operation completes and the other mysteriously hangs.

You can, however, initiate multiple read-only operations in various tabs.

“Active” operations are those that are likely to change the state of the metadata for a server or site – eg:

  • Creating servers
  • Creating sites
  • Cloning sites
  • Changing domains
  • Requesting SSL certificates
  • Deleting sites and servers
  • Installing additions such as memcached, redis, malware scanning, PHPMyAdmin, Monit, Monitorx  etc.