WPCloudDeploy Documentation

How To Access The Entire Server via sFTP

So, you want access to the entire server using sFTP?  That’s easy – use the root user and the root or sudo users’ private ssh key.  It’s the same private key you used in the WPCD settings screen.

For AWS, AZURE & ALIBABA , use the ubuntu user and for GCP use the wpcdadmin user instead of ‘root’. The private key for these users is also the one you used in the WPCD settings screen.

There are a couple of alternatives:

  1. Setup a new SUDO user.  You’ll need to do this from the command line.  Depending on the provider you might be able to create one that only uses a password or you might need to generate an SSH key pair for them as well.
  2. Setup a password for your root user.  Only certain providers will allow this but you can do this from the WPCD dashboard – just go to the USERS tab for your server. Learn more about this option in the documentation..