WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Local & Remote Statuses On Servers

When you look at the WPCD server list, there is a column called LOCAL STATUS.  Under there you’ll usually see two status items for each server along with a link to update the remote state.

What do these items mean and what does the update link do?

List of servers with arrow pointing to the local status column.


The first status, usually “Active”, is the status we THINK the server is in.  Most times, it means we think that the server is up and running and everything is hunky dory.

The second status is the actual state the server was in the last time we checked.  It’s also usually “Active”.

When a server is first created both statuses are set to “Active”.

However, there are times when the remote status and what our local status shows are different.  For example, if you power down the server using the server providers’ dashboard, the local and remote status will be different.

You can make sure that the WPCD dashboard reflects this difference by clicking on the UPDATE REMOTE STATE link.

That link will go out to the server providers’ api and check the status of the server.  It will then update the WPCD status metas to reflect the state of the server at that point in time.