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Monit vs Netdata vs Monitorix vs GoAccess

WPCloudDeploy offers a number of 3rd party packages that help monitor the health of your server.  Some of the capabilities in these packages overlap so lets take a look at how they are different so that you can make a more informed decision on which one(s) to use.

Monit (AKA Healing)

This package is the only one that will proactively restart services when certain conditions are met.  For that reason alone, it’s a good one to include on your server.


Just like Monit, this one will send out real-time alerts when bad stuff is happening.  But it will not proactively fix services.  Its advantage is a FREE centralized console for all your servers – something which is a paid service in Monit.  And there are more individual metrics, better looking screens and more flexibility.

If you have 2 GB of RAM and at least 2 cores, this can be installed in addition to Monit.  Even though there is a lot of overlap, the proactive healing options in Monit is unique and something that NetData doesn’t offer.


There is no real reason to use this if you’re using Netdata.  It is also not an available option on servers using the OpenLiteSpeed webserver.


GoAccess is a webserver metrics tool with little overlap with the other packages listed above. If visitor metrics is important to you then you can install this without fear of overlapping functions with the other items above.

Note that GoAccess is not an available option on servers using the OpenLiteSpeed webserver.