WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Transferring Sites Between Servers

WPCloudDeploy has multiple options for moving sites between servers.  They are not all the same – they each serve a different use-case.

Site Tabs: Copy To Server [Manual]

This is the primary way to move sites between two WPCD servers.  With this method though, you end up with TWO site records.  So, after a site is copied, you should either delete the original site from WPCD or rename the domain on the copied site.


Site Tabs: Copy To Server [Scheduled Daily Sync]

The COPY TO SERVER tab has an option on it to schedule a copy operation once per day.  When you schedule a copy operation, a new site record is NOT created (unless you already did a manual copy).

When you need to use the copied site, you can just point your DNS to the IP of the target server.

If you need to permanently use the copied site on the target server, you can update your existing site record to point to the new server – contact our support folks for help with this process.

Server Sync

This copies ALL sites on one server to a target server on a regular schedule.  We do not make a duplicate site record in WPCD so you’ll still continue to only see your existing site record.


Importing Sites

You can import sites to a server by using any backup/restore plugin, just like you would at any other host or WP site.  With this process you can import sites from non-wpcd servers.

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