WPCloud Deploy Documentation

Health Column Messages

We show a variety of warning messages in the server health column as needed.  Most are simple warnings but some of them are important and need to be handled quickly.

Message: The default PHP server version is incorrect

The default PHP server version is what’s used to run wp-cli.  WP-CLI is an integral part of your WordPress server infrastructure.  If it fails to run properly you will not be able to perform common actions such as changing your domain and cloning sites.

The correct PHP version to use is a little tricky. This is because not all plugins and themes are yet fully compatible with PHP 8.x.  Even the ones that state they are compatible still throw deprecation warnings into the WP error logs.

If you know that all your plugins and themes do not throw errors with PHP 8.x, you can set the default server PHP version to 8.0 or 8.1.

However, for maximum compatibility you can use 7.4.  Note that 7.4 is just a few months away from no longer getting security updates; so if you can, it’s best to use 8.0 or 8.1.

You can change the default PHP version for a server using the TOOLS tab for the server.