WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Copy To Server (Automated Daily Process)

[This is a beta / fast-ring feature. Feel free to play with it but we know there will be some quirks. This is one of those features that may or may not graduate to a production feature.]


This feature relates to the COPY TO SERVER (aka SITE SYNC) feature in the core plugin.  With this new daily automated copy, you can setup a server process to execute the COPY TO SERVER function once per day on any site.


The option appears in the COPY TO SERVER tab on each site in a section titled DAILY SYNC:

All you have to do is select your destination server and then click SCHEDULE.

All the caveats outlined in the docs for the Copy To Server feature apply to this function as well – so make sure you familiarize yourself with them before using this expanded feature.


  • We recommend that you run a manual Copy To Server process first and then switch your site over to the copy to verify that it works.  In most cases switching your site to the copy involves a simple DNS change.  After you’ve verified the copy works you can then delete the copy from the WPCD site list and proceed to setting up the daily site sync process.  Note: Deleting the copy is very important after a manual site sync test because you don’t want duplicated domain records running around inside WPCD.