WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Disabling Sites

You can completely disable a site – preventing users from reaching it and turning off all scheduled processes.  The files will still exist on the server but the site will be lost to the world until you re-enable it.

To do this:

  • Go to WPCloudDeploy → Applications
  • Click on the site for which this action will apply
  • Click on the MISC tab
  • Scroll down to the ENABLE/DISABLE SITE section
  • Click the Site Status toggle.
  • Click the OK option on the confirmation popup

After a while the screen will refresh – if the operation is successful.  If the operation fails, you’ll get a popup message.

You can see a full log of the operation under the SSH LOG screen.


When a site is disabled, if your DNS for the domain still points to the server, visitors will receive a generic NGINX or OpenLiteSpeed welcome message.  This message is served over HTTP, not HTTPS.

If you’re using CloudFlare, chances are that CloudFlare will throw a different error because it’s looking to enforce SSL.  Since the default webserver message is being displayed over HTTP, CloudFlare is going to complain about the SSL certificate – which blocks the generic webserver message.