WPCloud Deploy Documentation

DNS Integration: CloudFlare

WPCD includes simple integration with CloudFlare that include the following features:

  • Automatically create temporary domains and register them with the CloudFlare DNS service
  • Automatically delete the temporary domain when the site is deleted
  • Automatically issue SSL certificates with LetsEncrypt for temporary domains registered with CloudFlare

To set this up:

  • Go to WPCloudDeploy -> SETTINGS -> APP: WordPress Settings -> DNS INTEGRATION: CLOUDFLARE
  • Enter the root of your temporary domain (eg: temp.com) – this MUST be registered on cloudflare and can be a maximum of 19 characters including the extension.  You cannot use a subdomain such as temp.mydomain.com.
  • Click the ENABLE CLOUDFLARE AUTO DNS checkbox
  • Obtain your ZoneID for the domain from your CloudFlare dashboard and enter it into the ZONE ID field
  • Get an API SECURITY TOKEN from your CloudFlare account and enter it into the API SECURITY TOKEN field – make sure this token has access to the domain!
  • Turn on the options for AUTO DELETE, AUTO SSL and CLOUDFLARE PROXY as needed.
  • Click the SAVE SETTINGS button.

Now, when you create a new WordPress site, a temporary domain will automatically be entered into the DOMAIN field.


If you have a high volume of sites being created every week and you turn on AUTO SSL, you might run into SSL limits with LetsEncrypt – you can only issue 50 certificates for a domain in a 7 day period.  Learn more on the LetsEncrypt Limits Page.