WPCloudDeploy Documentation

DNS Integration: CloudFlare

WPCloudDeploy includesa  simple integration with CloudFlare that enable the following features:

  • Automatically create temporary domains and register them with the CloudFlare DNS service
  • Automatically delete the temporary domain when the site is deleted
  • Automatically issue SSL certificates with LetsEncrypt for temporary domains registered with CloudFlare

To set this up:

  • Enter the root of your temporary domain (eg: temp.com) – this MUST be registered on Cloudflare and can be a maximum of 19 characters including the extension.  You cannot use a subdomain such as temp.mydomain.com.
  • Click the ENABLE CLOUDFLARE AUTO DNS checkbox
  • Obtain your Zone ID for the domain from your CloudFlare dashboard and enter it into the ZONE ID field.  The Zone ID is usually on the bottom right of the summary screen for your domain.
  • Get an API SECURITY TOKEN from your CloudFlare account and enter it into the API SECURITY TOKEN field – make sure this token has access to the domain!  (See more detailed instructions in a later section if you need help with this.)
  • Turn on the options for AUTO DELETE, AUTO SSL and CLOUDFLARE PROXY as needed.
  • Click the SAVE SETTINGS button.

Now, when you create a new WordPress site, a temporary domain will automatically be entered into the DOMAIN field.

How To Get A CloudFlare Token

Navigate to the Cloudflare Token screen for your account – it’s generally located at this URL: https://dash.cloudflare.com/profile/api-tokens

  1. Click Create Token
  2. Use the template for Edit zone DNS
  3. Under Zone Resources, select your domain
  4. Click Continue to Summary
  5. Click Create Token

You should be shown your token.  You should copy and save it into a password manager since CF will not show it to you again.  Then copy it to the appropriate locations in WPCD.