WPCloud Deploy Documentation

Remove/Delete Site

To Remove or Delete a site:

  1. Go to WPCloudDeploy->Applications
  2. Click on the site that needs to be deleted
  3. Click on the Misc tab
  4. Scroll down to the DANGER ZONE: REMOVE SITE section
  5. Click on either the REMOVE button or the REMOVE SITE & BACKUPS button.

When using the REMOVE SITE & BACKUPS option, only local backups (backups stored on the disk) are removed.  Any backups sent to remote storage (such as AWS S3) will remain – remote backups are never touched!


  1. If you use the DELETE option that you see when you hover over the application item in the apps list, only the record will be deleted.  The site itself will remain on the server.  You must use the process outlined above to delete the site from the server.