WPCloudDeploy Documentation

SSH Key Overrides

When you initiate an action on a server we usually need to login to it.  We do this by using the PRIVATE KEY portion of your SSH KEY PAIR that you’ve specified in the WPCloudDeploy SETTINGS screen for your provider(s).

But what if you want to change the private key used for new servers?

Or what if you want to use a different key-pair for just one server?

This is where our SSH KEY OVERRIDES feature comes into play.

You can specify a private key that is unique to a server and different from the global key(s) specified in the WPCloudDeploy SETTINGS screen for your provider(s).

To do this:

  • Navigate to the WPCD screen for your server.
  • Click on the KEYS tab.
  • Enter the root user name (some providers use names other than “root” so make sure you specify the correct user name)
  • Enter the private key and its associated password if one applies to the key.
  • Enter the public key (this is generally only REQUIRED for UPCLOUD and optional for most other providers)
  • Click the SAVE button.

Now when we need to login to the server, it will use the data on this screen instead of the global settings.


If you are about to change the global keys used in your WPCloudDeploy SETTINGS screen for your provider(s) and you want to update this tab with the keys currently in use, you can use the COPY FROM SETTINGS button.  This will allow you to quickly go through your servers one-by-one and update the fields.  Then you can change the global keys on the SETTINGS screen which will then be used by all new servers you deploy.

Important Notes

This screen does NOT automatically generate and apply the public portion of the SSH KEY to your user.  You must make sure that you have setup your server’s root/sudo user to use the public key that matches the private key you’re adding in this tab.