WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Webserver Types

WPCloudDeploy can deploy WordPress servers with either an NGINX web server or an OpenLiteSpeed web server.  A single server cannot support both web servers at the same time – only one type can be installed on each server.

The webserver type will be shown in the server list, the app list and at the top of the detail screens.

Not all features are supported on both web servers.

In particular, our support for the OpenLiteSpeed web server is a newer option and so not all the features we have built up on NGINX are available on there y et.

Some features that are not supported include:

  • Multisite
  • Monitorix
  • GoAccess
  • Certain command-line scripts:
    • Filegator
    • Crowdsec
    • AWStats
    • WPScan

Please keep this in mind when you choose which web server to install.

There are some other limitations as well:

  • You cannot copy sites between NGINX and OLS servers – both the source and destination must use the same type of web server
  • You cannot use Server Sync between NGINX and OLS servers
  • You cannot automatically restore an NGINX backup into an OLS server or vice versa – this type of restore must be done manually

Learn more about the differences between the web servers.