WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Roles and Capabilities

Access to menus are based on WordPress CAPABILITIES.

We provide the following capabilities:

  • wpcd_provision_servers: Has the ability to create a new server
  • wpcd_manage_servers: Has access to the servers menu item
  • wpcd_manage_apps: Has access to the apps menu item
  • wpcd_manage_logs: Has access to the logs menu items
  • wpcd_manage_settings: Has access to the settings menu
  • wpcd_manage_groups: Has access to the server groups and app groups menus
  • wpcd_manage_teams: Has access to the teams menu.
  • wpcd_manage_all: Has access to all menu items.

When the plugin is first installed, we add the following roles that utilize these capabilities:

  • WPCDAdmin: has all WPCD capabilities listed above plus those of the core WP Author role
  • WPCDManager: has all WPCD capabilities listed above except wpcd_manage_teamsIt also includes those of the core WP Author role
  • WPCDSysAdmin: Has wpcd_manage_servers and wpcd_manage_apps capabilities plus those of the core WP subscriber role.
  • WPCDAppManager: Has wpcd_manage_apps capability only plus those of the core WP subscriber role.


Just in case it’s not clear = most ROLES only control whether or not a user can even access a WPCD menu item (such as servers or sites).

Once a user is allowed to see a WPCD menu item (eg: servers) because they’ve been assigned a suitable role (or WP capability), then the TEAMS logic and rules take over to determine who can actually view individual servers and sites.  The only exceptions to this are:

  • A WP ADMIN is allowed to view all servers and sites and
  • The author set on the server or site post is always allowed to see the server or site.