WPCloudDeploy Documentation

A Quick Tour

After installation of the WPCloud Deploy plugin is complete you will find a new menu option in your WordPress site named WPCloud Deploy.  Under there will be the following menu items:

  • Cloud Servers:  This is your list of servers and where you can add a new server.
  • Server Groups:  Create labels for server groups.  You can assign servers these labels and then sort and filter the server list with them.
  • WordPress Sites: This is your list of WordPress sites.
  • Settings:  This is where you will configure your server providers and setup your associated API keys and private SSH keys.
  • Applications:  This is a list of all apps which can include both WordPress sites and apps that are not related to WordPress.
  • App Groups:  Create labels for your WordPress sites.  You can assign sites these labels and then sort and filter the app list with them.
  • Teams:  This is where you can lock down servers and sites to particular users. Create a team and assign users and associated permissions to the team.  Later you can assign the team to servers and sites.
  • Command Log:  This is the log output for “long running” commands that are sent to a server.
  • SSH Log: This is the log out for quick-running commands that are sent to a server.
  • Error Log:  You can configure error log output on the SETTINGS screen.  If you have done so, this is where you can view those logs.
  • Pending Tasks:  Certain operations can be performed in the background.  These are tracked and handled on this screen.
  • Server Alerts:  Set up email and other notifications when significant events happen on your server.
  • Permission List:  This is a list of permissions that can be assigned to users on a team.  99% of the time you do not need to do anything in this screen.  Note that, depending on an entry in your config.php file, this option might not be shown.

Below is a 20 minute video tour: