WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Deploy A New WordPress Site

Now that you’ve added a server, you can easily install a new WordPress site on it as follows:

  • Navigate to WPCloudDeploy → Cloud Servers
  • In the server list you’ll see an INSTALL WORDPRESS button next to each server – click the one for the server where the new site will be located
  • Fill out the information requested and then click the INSTALL button

When the site is ready you will get a dialog box popup.  If you navigate to a new tab you will likely miss this popup.  In this case the indication that the site is ready will be the very last line in the ‘terminal’ – it should state WordPress has been set up for yourdomain.com.

If the last line has any other text then chances are the installation is not complete yet or has failed for one reason or another.

The popup dialog box is the best indicator of a successful installation.



Developer Helpers

If you’re a developer that’s constantly deploying and tearing down sites, entering your preferred user id, password and email address quickly becomes a pain.  We allow you to set a default set of credentials that automatically populate on the screens shown above. To set this up:

  • Navigate to WPCloudDeploy → SETTINGS → APP: WORDPRESS – SETTINGS
  • Click on the SITES tab on the left hand menu bar
  • Scroll down to the DEVELOPERS section
  • Enter your information
  • Scroll down the page and click the SAVE SETTINGS button

Now, every time you go to add a new WordPress site, your information will default to the data you just entered.