WPCloud Deploy Documentation

Reasons Sites Fail To Deploy

In general, a site should finish deploying within 5 minutes. Here are some reasons that one might fail to deploy properly or look like it’s “stuck”:

WP Crons Not Running

In order to servers and sites to be deployed properly, the WP CRON service needs to be working.  In particular, the following THREE crons (cron-hooks) need to be running on the server where the WPCD plugin is installed:

  • wpcd_wordpress_deferred_actions_for_server
  • wpcd_wordpress_deferred_actions_for_apps
  • wpcd_wordpress_file_watcher

When the plugin is first installed, these are probably running. But, over time, if other things are installed on your WordPress site, these processes might not start up or might have been killed.  The easiest way to check that they are installed and running is to install the WP CRONTROL plugin from wordpress.org.  Once that has been installed, go to the TOOLS->CRON EVENTS screen and in the search box on the upper right of that screen, enter “wpcd”.  You should then see the following screen:

If all THREE items are NOT shown, you should deactivate and reactivate the WPCD plugin.