Cloud Server Provider

Pre-requisites For WPCloudDeploy


Billed once per year until cancelled

Add Hetzner as a direct cloud server provider.  Deploy servers and sites to their cloud with just a few clicks!




Warning: This update REQUIRES WPCloudDeploy 5.0 or later.  Installing it with an earlier version will cause your site to crash.  Please upgrade by following the WPCD 5.0.0 upgrade instructions!.

  • New: Support for ARM servers (experimental)
  • Tweak: Make Ubuntu 22.04 LTS the default OS.
  • Dev: Use latest PHP API Wrapper (v2.6.2)


  • Hotfix: Fix attempt to use an invalid constant.


  • New: Add support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • New Add support for the WPCD 5.x TEST CONNECTION button.
  • New Add support for the WPCD 5.x CREATE SSH KEY-PAIR button.
  • New: Requires WPCD 5.x or later.
  • Dev: Upgrade Hetzner API version and vendor dependencies.


  • Tweak: Return IPv6 address as required for WPCD V 4.16.


  • New: Add support for deleting snapshots.
  • Fix: Return the proper values when creating a snapshot.


  • New: Option to add a tag to all new servers; default tag is WPCD.
  • New: Enable snapshot support.
  • New: Option to automatically enable backups when provisioning the server.
  • Tweak: Smarter, more flexible searches for language files using a similar algorithm to the one used in the core plugin.
  • Dev: Added warnings when using an earlier version of WPCD. Now requires WPCD 4.8.1 or later.

Note: Upgrading to this version will require you to reactivate the add-on (in the WP Plugins screen) because the primary filename has changed.


  • Add support for UBUNTU 20.04 - requires WPCD Core 4.2.5 or later.


  • New: Integrate licensing and automatic updates.


  • Initial Version