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This add-on for WPCloudDeploy adds support for WordPress Multisite.  It brings the following functionality to your WPCD Panel:

  • Allows for conversion of a standard WP site to a Multisite
  • Includes additional tools and smarts for managing a Multisite install of WordPress
  • New options for SSL related to Multisite
  • Domain mapping into multisite subdomains.

SSL Options

We support the following SSL configurations on Mulitsite using LetsEncrypt:

  • Individual SSL certificates for each subsite
  • Individual SSL certificates for mapped domains
  • Wildcard certificates when using CloudFlare as your DNS provider

Multisite Types

We support both domain and subdirectory multisites.  However, because subdirectories are rarely used these days, it is not a feature that is as well tested as subdomain multisites.


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Warning: This update REQUIRES WPCloudDeploy 5.0 or later.  Installing it with an earlier version will cause your site to crash.  Please upgrade by following the WPCD 5.0.0 upgrade instructions!.

  • New: Support for the admin site lock feature in WPCD 5.0.
  • Fix: Prevent fields from being included in the DOM when they have been disabled for an author or role.
  • Dev: First pass at linting the tab file.


  • Compatibility support for WPCD 4.13.0
  • Tweak: Add action hook to handle quick-domain change.
  • Tweak: Clean up additional metas just in case they exist.


  • Tweak: Sanitization for compatibility with WPCD 4.12.


  • Tweak: Smarter, more flexible searches for language files using a similar algorithm to the one used in the core plugin.


  • Fix: When multisite is enabled, you might not see multisite options in some cases where ssl is also enabled.


  • New: Ability to enable subdirectory multisites.
  • New: Support for Wildcard SSL - requires CloudFlare as the DNS provider.
  • Requires: WPCD 4.6.1 or later.


  • New: Integrate licensing and automatic updates.


  • New: Show a state called "MULTISITE" next to sites that are MULTISITEs.
  • Tweak: Update metas to use the new subdomains when a site's domain has changed or a site has been cloned to a new domain.
  • Fix: Removing a subsite needed to also remove the values from the SSL and BASIC AUTH drop-downs.
  • Fix: Attempt to use a for-each loop on an empty variable threw warning errors into the log file. This didn't really hurt anything, just filled up the debug log file with useless log.


  • New: Add support for basic authentication for sub-sites.
  • New: Add options to update console metas for registering/de-registering sub-sites without affecting the server. This can help the admin synchronize the state of the server with the console if manual actions have been performed on the server.


  • Initial Release