WPCloud Deploy Core

WPCloud Deploy Core

The WPCloud Deploy Core plugin is the starting point for your WPCloud Deploy journey.  It includes everything you need to get started deploying your own cloud servers for WordPress at Digital Ocean.

With this plugin you get:

  • Unlimited WordPress Servers
  • Unlimited WordPress Sites
  • One WPCloud Deploy Administrator
  • One Cloud Server Provider: DigitalOcean
  • High Performance LEMP Stack
  • Backup & Restore to AWS S3
  • Duplicate and Clone Sites
  • Push sites between servers
  • SSL via Lets Encrypt
  • WP-CLI
  • Management and organizational features
  • Monitoring features
  • Quick commands
  • And everything else you might expect such as: Multiple Firewall options • Full page cache • Multiple sFTP users • Domain Search & Replace

And much much more.  Try us out risk free for 30 days!

Or you can try our cloud service without installing anything at https://fireupwp.com for just $1.00.


What is an Administrator?

An Administrator is someone who spends a non-negligible amount of time managing one or more servers using the WPCloud Deploy plugin.  For small agencies this might be the owner or a developer.  Very large agencies might have two or three folks who spend a decent amount of time dealing with server issues.

If someone uses the plugin once in a while to deal with a server issue, its not a big deal.  But if someone in your organization is using the plugin on a regular basis we respectfully ask that you purchase a license for them.

How many servers can an Administrator manage?

There is no ‘per administrator’ limit.  Every administrator can manage unlimited servers and unlimited Sites under all licenses.

Additional FAQs

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$149.00 – $499.00
  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled


Pre-requisites For WPCloud Deploy



  • New: WPAPP - Added tool to clean up metas on server records if a process ever gets "stuck".
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Add WordPress 5.5.1 to the drop-down list of WordPress versions.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Do not allow blank data to be used when creating a WP site.


  • Fix: Updated the POT file.
  • Fix: WPAPP: Remove the use of the word "Provisioning" and replace with "Deploy".
  • Fix: WPAPP - The Install WordPress link under the TITLE in the servers list needed to be removed while the server was being deployed or otherwise engaged.


  • New: Add option to reset the list of restricted php functions for a site.
  • New: Add option to remove the general settings tab. This helps make the first tab the CLOUD PROVIDERS tab.
  • Tweak: Numerous styling changes to the settings screen. Make the FIRST WORDPRESS SITE section more prominent.
  • Tweak: Do not show the server sizes drop-down in the settings screen if the api key field is blank and if certain wp-config vars are not set.
  • Tweak: Add an animated loader icon to the server and site provisioning screens while waiting for the install process to get started.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Numerous changes to the UI including the introduction of vertical tabs on the SITE detail screen as the default view.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Do not show the INSTALL WORDPRESS button while the server is being provisioned.
  • Tweak: Remove the additional "handlebars" that WP 5.5 added to the metaboxes on the settings screen.
  • Tweak: Remove permission list from the screen. This isn't really necessary for your average admin to see. Can be re-enabled with a WP-CONFIG entry.
  • Security: WPAPP - Updated the list of restricted PHP functions - added new ones and removed a couple that popular plugins rely on.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - remove setting the php session.name and sessions.referer_check as part of our default installation. Too many plugins didn't like it.
  • Fix: Missing translation text on the settings screen.
  • Fix: WPAPP - an error that was showing up as raw html during the site creation process is now handled better.


  • New: WPAPP - add option to scheduled backups that automatically deletes remote backups when local backups are deleted.
  • New: Now includes a pre-built POT file for language translations.
  • New: Load language translations from the plugin languages folder if a language mo file does not yet exist under the standard WP folder.
  • Tweak: WPAPP: Lock down PHP further by disallowing some functions.
  • Tweak: WPAPP: Change the way we detect if a crucial folder is readble - remove use of 'exec' function.
  • Fix: Digital Ocean API now requires a waiting period after starting up a server image in order to stabilize before sending any ssh commands.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Security - PHP OPENBASEDIR was not being set in some instances.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Respect team settings when populating the destination server under the COPY TO SERVER tab.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Make sure that no servers show up under the COPY TO SERVER tab if the user isn't on a server team.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Error out if the target server and source server are the same when using the COPY TO SERVER function.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Error out if the destination server or source server is one where the user is not allowed access when using the COPY TO SERVER function.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Copying a multisite installation to a new server did not copy all the ssl certificates.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Changing a domain did not change all the folder permissions for the new nginx user which left them inaccessible.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Cloning a site did not carry over the teams information.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Copying a site to a new server did not carry over the team information.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Enabling the native LINUX cron did not fire cron for all the subsites.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Remove PHP 7.0 as an option since those files aren't even being installed on new servers.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Empty labels for fields in tabs were throwing notice/warning errors in the error log.
  • Dev: WPAPP - Add extensible upgrade infrastructure so that when upgrade scripts are written they can be easily integrated into the codebase.
  • Dev: Stamp the server and app records with the plugin version.


View a summary of changes in 2.7.0

  • New: WPAPP - Added option to remove site and all its local backups. Before, removing a site did not remove the associated local backups.
  • New: WPAPP - Updated backup bash script with new functions for pruning backups without running a backup process. Command-line only functions (no UI).
  • New: WPAPP - Updated backup bash script with new functions for identifying backups that exist without a corresponding site and for deleting those backups. Command-line only functions (no UI).
  • New: WPAPP - Updated backup bash script with option to delete all local backups for a site or for all sites. Command-line only functions (no UI).
  • New: WPAPP - Added server option to install Monitorix.
  • New: WPAPP - Add an nginx rule to block brute force attempts on the wp-login screen. Only applies to new sites - older sites will need to have the rule manually added.
  • New: WPAPP - Add some security related nginx rules to prevent access to .log files, files whose name start with a period, executing non-php scripts, executing php scripts in the upload folder, downloading files from an updraft folder if present. Only applies to new sites - older sites will need to have the rules manually added.
  • New: WPAPP - Add option to remove MemCached from the server if it's been installed. Before you could only restart it or clear the cache - now you can remove the entire thing if it's no longer being used.
  • New: WPAPP - Added the PHP version to the app list.
  • New: WPAPP - Added a statistics tab to the server where a single button will run the df (disk free), vnstat and top command and display the results in a tab.
  • Tweak: Hide sensitive passwords/ids in the settings screen by default. User can click icon to display existing passwords.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Added the PHP version to the app list.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Added cache status to the app list.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - A few of the bash scripts needed to be tweaked to accommodate a future monit integration.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Added new WPCD logo to the popup used when adding a server or site.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Tightened up the conditions for showing a button on the SSH tab on the server screen.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Change the text of the ADD NEW button at the top of the apps list to say ADD NEW APP RECORD so that users don't believe that they can use it for a new WP install there.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Added new button on the settings welcome screen to link to quick-start documentation.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Show the provider at the top of the the main app metabox
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Change the redis plugin used - now using the Till Kruss plugin.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Updated the list of WP versions
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Remove VNSTAT statistics from the APP screen since it's data is aggregated server level data. But we also added an option in the settings screen to put it back there if you wish.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Enabling multisite SSL would always show as successful even when it sometimes failed.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Email gateway would not show error message if a test email failed to be sent.
  • Fix: WPAPP - The page cache confirmation message always said "cache has been disabled" even when the action was to "enable" it.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Typo on the Email Gateway screen - extra parentheses.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Issue with storing custom bucket names for the all-sites backup.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Issue with storing retention days for the all-sites backup.
  • Fix: WPAPP - PHP Warning about invalid commands or index for certain backup operations - it didn't hurt anything but was just annoying to see in the log files.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Fixes an issue with the 6G firewall where if there's a colon in the URL you get an http forbidden error. This would affect common scenarios where you have redirects in the url such as this: http://video02.wpvix.com/logout?redirect_to=http://video02.wpvix.com/login.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Issue in a server-sync script where when the script failed it would leave behind a lock file instead of cleaning it up - this prevented future syncs from running.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Make sure sudo is used when running the VNSTAT command on a site.
  • Dev: WPAPP - Added filter to allow logo to be replaced when adding a server or site - wpcd_popup_header_logo


  • New: Add custom links to servers and sites. This is useful if you want one-click access from the dashboard to related assets such as those located in manageWP, MainWP or even your git systems.
  • New: WPAPP - Add an SSH command tab to the server detail screen.
  • New: WPAPP - Add an option on the server screen to install an email gateway. Helps with sending emails when no email plugin is installed on WordPress sites.
  • New: A label is now added to the server and app title columns when deletion protection is turned on.
  • New: WPAPP - Added new wp-config option to hide help tab in the settings screen (WPCD_HIDE_HELP_TAB).
  • Improved: Free up space on the application list by moving the data in the ip, provider and region columns to the server column. Added settings option to split out into their own columns for users that prefer that.
  • Improved: Add option to show the TEAMS column on the servers and site lists. Now the default is to NOT show them since most users do not use teams.
  • Improved: Added real links to documentation on the help tab on the settings screen.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Add our specific styling to the INSTALL WORDPRESS button so that when admin skins are applied to wp-admin, they button does not look grayed out. The default is now white on green.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Throw an error if adding an sFTP user that already exists in another site.
  • Fix: WPAPP - The disabled label was not showing up on the site list unless the option to show the app description label was also turned on.
  • Dev: WPAPP - New filter hook wpcd_settings_help_tab_text
  • Doc: Added Documentation Item: Bootstrapping A WordPress Server With Our Scripts


  • New: Notes and descriptions for servers and apps.
  • New: Add custom WP STATES for the servers and apps.
  • New: Show the server type as a state label on the server list screen if the server type is a WordPress server.
  • New: Remove the "private" wp state label from the servers and apps list to make space for additional states.
  • New: WPAPP - Copy sites between servers with root access
  • New: WPAPP - Full server backup - setup a backup of all sites on the server. This means that new sites will automatically be backed up.
  • Improved: WPAPP - Manual backups can now be sent to a different bucket or folder.
  • Improved: WPAPP - When the linux cron is enabled, it now applies to each subsite in a multisite installation.
  • Improved: WPAPP - Added some third party repositories to unattended upgrades process.
  • Improved: WPAPP - Remove teams from certain tables if a team is deleted.
  • Improved: WPAPP - Add better error messages when certain things fail during server provisioning
  • Improved: WPAPP - Remove error message about "send mail not installed" when installing a WordPress site - this was just annoying even though it didn't hurt anything.
  • Fix: WPAPP - The "Save Team" text was showing up in some unexpected places.
  • Dev: WPAPP - Added a couple of new filters: wpcd_wpapp_show_install_wp_link & wpcd_wpapp_show_install_wp_link


  • New: Teams Feature
  • New: Add option to remove the OWNERS column from the apps screen - helps save real estate when there aren't multiple owners
  • New: Multisite - add a column on the SITES screen so that admins can quickly see how many servers a sub-site has deployed.
  • New: APP deletion protection
  • New: Server deletion protection
  • New: Add BACK TO LIST buttons on the detail custom post type screens - applies to servers, apps, teams, logs.
  • New: WPAPP - Now includes a health check to make sure that certain critical files are accessible. Otherwise a warning is shown.
  • New: WPAPP - New installs now create default entries for server groups and app groups
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Set better line heights on input elements on popup screens so that when they wrap on smaller screens they don't smush against the elements above them.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Strip 'www', 'http', 'https' prefixes when they are entered as part of the domain name. Affects site creation, cloning and domain name changes.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Make the WordPress version number a dropdown list when installing a new WordPress site.
  • Tweak: Add a WP state label showing the application type next to the app title.
  • Tweak: Allow for editing of the post title on the server custom post type screens.
  • Tweak: Allow for editing of the post title on the app custom post type screens.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Bug where firefox and other browsers could not be used to deploy a new site.


  • New: Add notes fields on the provider settings screen - sometimes you just need to have a reminder about which api key you're using or which ssh key you're using.
  • Tweak: Some web server configs did not like the use of colons in command names or file names so replaced those with three dashes instead.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - add password instructions to install wordpress popup
  • Fix: Command log screen - Need to check to make sure the parent post is valid before attempting to retrieve values from it.
  • Fix: Make sure a returned item is an object before attempting to call a method on it.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Column name being returned from an action hook function was incorrect.
  • Fix: WPAPP - JS script not loading because it was attempting to load a 'select2' dependency that didn't exist.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Remove SENDMAIL install from scripts because it was not interfacing properly with WordPress.
  • Fix: WPAPP - check to see if an array var is set before attempting to use it. Set a default value if its not set.
  • Dev: Updated required plugins from metabox.io


  • New: WPAPP - Add support scripts for the Multisite add-on
  • New: WPAPP - Add links to wp-admin and the front-end directly in the site list
  • New: WPAPP - Updated bash scripts
  • Tweak: Encrypt API key when its stored at rest in the database. (Before we were only encrypting ssl keys).
  • Tweak: Functions and options to only show (in relevant places) providers that have been configured with their api keys.
  • Tweak: Add options for entries in wp-config to override some labels and items on the screen when running on multisite.
  • Tweak: WPAPP - Style INSTALL buttons.
  • Tweak: Don't show Digital Ocean backup provider unless configured in wp-config.
  • Tweak: Add a series of wp-config options to show / hide items - see wp-config documentation on our site for more info.
  • Fix: WPAPP - Command name when creating a new WP site was being duplicated when the domain name was the same.
  • Fix: Error being thrown in the debug.log file about a missing title.
  • Fix: Some menu item strings were not being translated.
  • Fix: Updated a BASH script for server sync. Some cloud server providers left the authorized keys files with weird line endings which caused issues when we tried to add additional keys to that file.
  • Fix: A couple dozen minor fixes related to terminology, variables and such.
  • Dev: WPAPP - Add new filter wpcd_app_type_column_contents.
  • Dev: WPAPP: - Add new filter wpcd_private_ssh_key_settings_desc.


  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes to the WP APP.
  • First PUBLIC release of the plugin.


  • New App: Deploy WordPress servers and applications
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to code and infrastructure


  • Added SSH Log screen
  • Added error log screen
  • Set scripts version at the product subscription level
  • Move all items into its own menu (partial)
  • New app: Basic Server
  • Revamp how applications get installed on the server after its provisioned.
  • Lots and lots of code cleanup.