Fault-tolerant WordPress • AWS

Quickly Spin Up A Fully Fault-Tolerant WordPress Instance on AWS

Just $499.00 /  Unlimited Domains

Fault Tolerant • Load Balanced • Production Ready

Installation scripts are for Amazon's Web Services Cloud (AWS)

Pre-written, Fully Tested

Scripts For AWS & UBUNTU

  • Upload scripts to a modern ubuntu server
  • Make them executable with a simple chmod command
  • Run the main installation script
  • Answer a few questions
  • Sit back and relax

It takes a while for AWS to spin up all the required resources - it could take as long as 40 mins.  Once its done, point your DNS to the AWS load-balancer URL and you're done.


Easy Customization

With Simple Config Files

Don't like the defaults?  Change them in a simple configuration file and re-run.  You can change:

  • The default size of the EC2 machine
  • Version of PHP
  • What else is installed in addition to WordPress
  • Add after-install commands to configure WordPress

What Gets Deployed On AWS?


Two T2-Micro EC2 Servers

Script can be edited to change the server size.  Add servers as needed.


Multiple Availability Zones

EC2 servers are deployed in two different availability zones



A small MariaDB with read replicas in multiple availability zones


Elastic File System

An EFS volume created and shared among all EC2 instances.


Familiar LEMP Stack

Linux • Nginx  • MariaDB • PHP 7


Load Balancer

A load balancer is placed in front of the EC2 instances with an SSL certificate.



SSL certificates created and managed by the Amazon Certificate Authority


Shared WP Files

WordPress program and data files are shared via the EFS volume.  PHP and NGINX config files are symlinked for sharing among EC2 instances.


Root Access

Full access to any instance with no restrictions

Easy To Use

Easy To Customize

Does not rely on third party services other than AWS resources.  No Git repository needed to keep servers in sync.


Its A Steal!

If you hired an AWS Engineer to create for you what these scripts do, you would spend thousands of dollars, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.

Use these scripts to quickly set up your AWS resources and get them configured for WordPress.  Then tweak as you like in the familiar AWS console.


What do I need to use these scripts?

You need:

  • A recent version of Ubuntu server
  • Administrative level IAM credentials for your AWS account
  • And, obviously an AWS account.


What exactly Is Included with this purchase?

You get:

  • A set of linux command line scripts that collects data from you that is needed to create the environment
  • AWS cloud formation scripts

They are all designed to work together to create a ready-to-use load-balanced and fault-tolerant WordPress installation.  

Once created just upload your plugin and theme files and design your WordPress site as you normally do.

Is the purchase price an annual subscription?

No. Its a one-time purchase.  The nature of these scripts do not lend themselves to annual updates.  Mixing and matching different script versions is not recommended.

Are there any services included with the purchase?

When you click the purchase button, you will have options to purchase the scripts with 1 hour of training and consulting or 3 hours of training and consulting.  The rates are discounted.

Additional hours are available at our normal rates if necessary.

Is this faster than a normal single server WordPress install?

Not really.  If anything it might be a tad bit slower.  But it will scale up to thousands of users across as many servers as you need or scale down to the smallest servers.  And you can shut down a server without service interruption.  

How much does AWS charge for this?

It's hard for us to say.  If all you used were the minimum server sizes for everything you're looking at 400+ dollars per month.  A larger scale installation using a large RDS instance and couple of M2.Large EC2 instances will cost you about $30.00 per day to keep up and running plus the cost of traffic.

I can get a cloudformation template on the internet for free. Why should I buy this?

Most free templates that we've seen don't understand the nuances of WordPress.  Nor do they appreciate a lot of the activity that happens in the WP admin dashboard which means they haven't been tested or optimized for that.  

We have tested these scripts with lots of different scenarios and have tried to make them easy to use without requiring a lot of technical AWS expertise.

If you're about to deploy fault tolerant and/or load balanced WordPress the costs of these scripts will be tiny compared your AWS costs over the next year so you have very little to lose in trying them out.