Fault-Tolerant WordPress • AWS

LINUX and AWS Scripts

Uses just LINUX scripts and AWS Cloud Formation Templates to spin up the completely configured and ready-to-go WordPress site. Fully load-balanced, scalable and fault-tolerant!

Run A Single Script &

Get Fault-Tolerant and Load Balanced WordPress

  • Run the install.sh script on your UBUNTU server or WSL container
  • Answer a few questions.
  • Follow instructions for SSL certificates if necessary
  • Sit back and relax

Point Domain To Load Balancer When Directed

Easy Peasy!

Wait a bit for the DNS to be updated and then navigate to your new WordPress site!

Easy Customization

Set Defaults In The Script Files

Setting defaults allow you to bypass the interactive prompts.


Its A Steal!

These scripts do a LOT of heavy lifting for you. If you needed to hire an AWS engineer it would cost you thousands!

So get your copy today!