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Multiple Backup Options With Extensive Features

Backups are the most important aspect of any WordPress management dashboard.  We offer multiple options for quick recovery when disaster strikes.

Easy Backups

Backups are important!  We make it easy. With a fast and convenient way to get all your sites backed up to a remote location.  Fully managed from inside your dashboard.



Set up a single backup profile for all sites on a server - it's the fastest way to get all your sites backed up asap.


Backup Individual Sites

Configure backups for each individual site for more control.


Off-site With AWS S3

Send all backups to Amazon S3.  Need more flexibility?  Check out our Advanced Backups below.


Local Backups

Save a limited number of backups on the local disk for the fastest and most convenient restore operations.


Remote-only Backups

While we don't recommend it, you can choose to have all your backups sent to AWS S3 with none left on the local hard-drive.


On-demand Backups

Manually trigger a backup at any time.


Cleanup Tools

Deleting a site?  Choose to keep backups or remove them • Manually prune local backups to save disk space • Locate and delete orphaned backups • more...


Smart Sequencing

Sites are backed up with the least amount of load necessary to keep your server responsive.

Advanced Backups

More Power • More Flexibility 

Includes everything in the Easy Backup option above and more!


Multiple Backup Profiles

Backup databases, files and configurations on different schedules.


Multiple Remote Targets

Backup to more than 25 different remote targets including Backblaze, Dropbox, DigitalOcean and more.


Built Upon A Solid Foundation

The amazing RCLONE tool is the foundation for Advanced backups!



Send each backup to multiple remotes to add an additional layer of protection.


Exclude Files

Exclude files by size and by path to avoid backing up extra-large files and unnecessary paths


Command Line Operation

Operated only from the command line but provides the ultimate flexibility.


Both Options Included

Both backup types are included in all licenses.

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