Custom Server Support

One of our most requested features is support for custom servers – both custom VPS and bare metal. With the introduction of Virtual Server Providers, we’re finally able to make this feature a reality.

One of the elements we tried to avoid was forcing a user to run a long custom script or specialized commands in order to provision the server. Instead, a custom server just needs to meet the following relatively easy requirements:

  • Have a basic installation of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (no other software such as nginx, php etc. should be installed.)
  • The “root” user must have an SSH certificate installed and you should be in possession of the related private key.
  • The server must be publicly accessible across the internet and you must know its public IP.
  • It must have its SSH port open (port 22)
  • HTTP and HTTPS ports (80 and 443 respectively) must be opened as well.

Once the server has been prepped to satisfy these points, it’s a simple two-step process to connect and deploy it on the WPCloudDeploy platform:

  1. Connect your server to WPCD
  2. Deploy your server on WPCD

Read the documentation here

This feature means that you can now deploy servers from most cloud providers and even bare-metal servers from dedicated hosting farms.

This feature is now available in Version 4.0.0 of WPCloudDeploy – it is being released as an add-on as well as part of the All Access suite.

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