Powerful, Customizable Features

  • Automated Server Management

  • Easy Site Management

  • Dedicated Tools for SaaS Builders & Developers

  • SaaS Multi-tenant & Standard Sites

Automated Server Management

  • Choice of LEMP or LOMP Stack

    Linux, Nginx/OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP

  • Servers From Popular Cloud Providers

    DigitalOcean • Linode • Vultr • Google  • AWS EC2 • AWS Lightsail • Upcloud • Hetzner • Exoscale • Alibaba ECS

  • Private Cloud Providers

    Proxmox • OpenStack

  • "Bring Your Own Server"

    Connect to any Cloud Server provider using our custom server option.

  • Server Sync For High-Availability

    Periodically copy all sites from one server to a backup server.

  • Direct SSH Commands

    Send direct one-off ssh commands to the server.

  • SSH Root Access

  • Multiple Firewall Levels

  • Multiple Cache Options

    NGINX or OLS Page Cache • MemCached • Redis

  • Unlimited Servers & Sites

  • Custom Automated Deployment Scripts

  • Accidental Delete Protection

  • Server Level Email Relay

  • Malware & Virus Scanning

Site Management

  • Add And Remove Sites

  • Local And Remote Backups

    Remote backups to AWS S3 (and S3 compatible endpoints)

  • Clone Sites For Staging

  • Push Sites Between Servers

    Copy sites from one server to another.  Or bulk copy multiple sites from one or more servers to a single target server.

  • Change Site Domain

    Includes database scan and replace

  • Easy SSL With Let's Encrypt

  • Easy PHP Version and Options Manager

  • Database Management With phpMyAdmin

  • File Manager

    Manage site files with an in-browser file manager (no sFTP required)

  • Native Linux Cron

  • One Click Page Cache

  • One-click Login

    AKA passwordless login

  • Disable Sites With One Click

  • HTTP Level Password Protection

  • Multiple sFTP Users Per Site

  • WP-CLI Enabled For Every Site

  • Custom Site Deployment Scripts

WordPress SaaS Builder Features

  • Multiple Deployment Options

    Individual Sites or Multi-tenant Sites

  • Scalable From Day One

    A fully distributed & scalable infrastructure is built right-in.

  • Unlimited Servers and Sites

    No per-server or per-site fees.

  • Familiar WordPress Tooling

    Build your SaaS with your favorite WordPress tools!

  • Unlimited Templates

  • SaaS-aware WP Updates

    Update tools designed specifically for a WordPress SaaS

  • Flexible Billing Periods

    Setup billing per day, week, month, year or even every x weeks/days/months/years.

  • Multiple Payment Providers

    Stripe & Paypal officially supported with many others that work 'unofficially'.

  • Multiple Cancellation & Non-payment Options

    For example, If a user's account cannot be charged, you can choose to disable their site or apply an 'admin lock'.

  • Advanced Price Options

    Free trials, setup fees, upsells, flat fees, lifetime options and more.

  • Flexible Coupons

    All WooCommerce coupon options supported.

  • SaaS Product Packages & BluePrints

    Dynamic product packages built for WP SaaS deployments

  • Disk Quotas

    Limit each product to a fixed amount of disk space.

  • Custom Post Type Quotas

    Limit each product to a fixed number of pages, posts, attachments or other custom post type records.

  • Temporary Products (Site Expirations)

    Create site products that automatically expire and self-delete after a set period of time unless the user upgrades.

  • Branded URLs

    Set your default customer site domain to something.yourdomain.com

  • Resource Limits

    Limit php workers and memory based on plan.

  • Plugins Per Plan

    Activate / Deactivate plugins based on the user's plan.

  • Themes Per Plan

    Switch themes and make them available by plan/product.

MicroCRM Organization & Convenience Features

  • One-click Front-end And wp-admin Access

    Easily access the site from anywhere in the dashboard

  • Extensive Site Descriptions & Notes

    Easily add any number of your own notes to each site and server

  • Add WordPress Custom Labels

    Multiple short labels for each site or server

  • Custom Links

    Add custom one-click links for each site and server - very useful for linking out to related site/server assets.

  • Server & Site Group Labels

    Color coded labels for servers and sites

  • Easy sorting

    Sort the site and server lists by any of the major site/server attributes

  • Flexible Filtering

    Quickly filter site and server lists by major site/server attributes

  • Search

    Use the search bar to search sites and servers on any attribute

  • Flexible Notifications

    Emails and other notifications to customers, admins and other interested parties - Learn more about the MicroCRM features

Unique WP UI Benefits

  • Familiar Custom Post Type Lists

  • Customize With Off-the-shelf Tools

    Use popular plugins like ACF and Toolset to customize the columns and data.

  • Lock It Down

    Use WP tools such as Menu Admin Pro to further lock down menu items.

  • Extend With Standard WP Dev Skills

    Use your regular 'ole WordPress development skills to extend and add new features.  View Customer Success Story.

Team & User Management

  • Assign One Or More Users To A Team

  • Assign One Or More Servers To A Team

  • Assign One Or More Sites To A Team

  • Lock Down Sensitive Functions

    Restrict certain sensitive functions to just certain teams.

  • Custom User Roles

    Restrict menu items using the WPCloudDeploy specific roles & capabilities.

Hosting & White Label

  • Multisite Ready

    Use in a multi-site installation to give each customer their own unique admin panel for their servers and sites. 

  • WooCommerce Integration

    Use WooCommerce & WooCommerce Subscriptions to mark up and sell your own Cloud Servers and WordPress sites!

  • WP-Ultimo Ready

    Use WP-Ultimo to offer a simple custom hosting solution for your customers based on WordPress Multisite.

  • Extensible & Customizable

    Create your own unique solution for your customers by extending and customizing using the available developer hooks and tools.


  • 100% Open Source

  • Non-Proprietary

  • Developer Friendly


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase WPCloudDeploy today and try it out for 30 days.  If you're not happy we will provide a refund, no questions asked.

If you're an agency that spends hundreds of dollars a month on hosting or WordPress management panels, you'll love the savings we provide.

And, of course, it's all open-source so you can control everything that is being deployed to your servers!