Holiday 2022 Lifetime Offer – New Core+ Bundle

Every year we feel the pressure to offer some sort of BFCM deal.  But we’re reluctant to offer anything around the ALL ACCESS lifetime price since that’s already a great deal (even as the price has been increased over the years.)

So, this year we’re going to make an offer that we haven’t done before – around the CORE plugin.  We’ve never had a lifetime price for just the CORE plugin. 

By making this offer we hope to accomplish two things:

  1. Make it easier for potential customers to get started with WPCloudDeploy while providing a guaranteed, locked-in upgrade path for the future. This reduces your risk.
  2. Provide a cost-effective transition path away from SaaS services and away from monthly subscription fees since many users are getting very weary of subscriptions.

The Offer

We’re going to take our CORE product and offer it with a few of the easier cloud provider integrations – i.e: Core + Linode, Vultr, UpCloud, Hetzner. 

We’re calling it the CORE+ Bundle.

This bundle will allow users at to be able to provision servers in most regions of the world without us having to deal with the added support complexities that come with the AWS, AZURE, GCP and similar more complex providers.

In return, we can offer a lower price because the expected future support level is far lower than it would be with our All Access bundle.

Customers who purchase this will not have access to add-ons such as Powertools, Virtual Providers, WooCommerce Integration etc. 

For most users, this is not an issue since 75% of our features end up in the Core plugin.

Guaranteed Upgrade Pricing

For businesses that expect to grow substantially in the future, this is probably going to be the most attractive element in this offer. It provides a lower-cost way to start using WPCloudDeploy without giving up the current price of our higher-level products.

Purchasers are guaranteed upgrade pricing for the ALL ACCESS lifetime level at today’s all access lifetime prices. 

This means that even if we withdraw the lifetime pricing the future or increase it, customers who purchase under this offer will still be able to upgrade to a lifetime price level.  The guarantee will last for 5 years (because who knows where inflation will take us in the future).

We’re hoping that this makes the offer the perfect package for users who want to get started with our product for a lower price but not incur the on-going fees associated with Ploi, Cloudways, Runcloud etc. Especially when those fees are likely to rise year over year as inflation continues unabated.

One Week Only

This offer will be available for one week only. Or until we hit our internal limit on the number of these deals we would like to sell (we do want to limit our lifetime obligations to a sane level!)

We’ll be adding the purchase link to this article when the deal starts.

And, of course, sending it out to everyone on our email list (sign up if you’re not already on it.)

If you’re a member of our private Facebook group though, you have immediate access to it.


If you already have a core license you should be able to upgrade from within your account area any time.

Update History

  • Nov 23rd 2022: Added the buttons/links to the offer page
  • Nov 9th 2022: Original article

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