How One Customer Sold 50 Server Subscriptions In A Single Day With WPCD

One of our most recent customers, a specialist WordPress agency in Italy, purchased WPCloudDeploy in late September. Six weeks later they unveiled their new hosting product based on it at a technology tradeshow called Web Summit in Lisbon.

According to Reuters, Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech conference.

About Our Customer is a WordPress agency based in Italy with 17 in-house WP experts serving customers worldwide. WPCD is part of their new strategic initiative called infraWP.


It only took Comcart six weeks to craft WPCloudDeploy into a custom subscription solution for their new product.

In that time, they:

  • Translated it into multiple languages (Italian, Portuguese (two locales), Spanish, French and, of course, British English)
  • Created a custom WooCommerce checkout flow to optimize conversions
  • Integrated it into a custom dashboard for their customers (using UiPress, formerly Admin2020)

As you might expect, the agency has a lot of experience with WordPress and WooCommerce so that helped them to create an accelerated development schedule.


We were actually stunned when we learned that they translated WPCD into six languages. We were expecting them to only translate into Italian. At no point during our on-boarding and support process were we aware of the scale of their translation work.

But Leandro De Aguiar,‘s president has even larger ambitions. He said:

We hope to translate it into 20 languages by the end of the year…

Given the size of Web Summit, Leandro said that they expected to sell a lot of subscriptions. To prepare for it they stress tested WPCloudDeploy by throwing dozens of orders at it within a short period of time.

They wanted to ensure that all orders for all servers were properly provisioned during the compressed timeframe when the show’s display floor was open.

He said of their stress test:

…I created 40 servers in 1 shot from different accounts with no problems at all…

50 Server Subscriptions In Less Than One Day

Comcart.IT shared a booth with UPCLOUD at Web Summit. During that time, they kept busy constantly signing up new customers. At the end of the day they had:

  • Created more than 50 new server subscriptions
  • Deployed more than 150 websites.

Leandro also said that they got some very good feedback from their customers and will be deploying custom add-ons for WPCD based on that feedback.

Wrap Up

Between the compressed time frame for development (six weeks!), deployment into multiple languages and custom configuration and branding, this project is a perfect example of why WPCloudDeploy was created.

It’s certainly not something that could have been easily done in a short period of time with any other product, SaaS or otherwise.

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