How To Setup Low Disk Space Alerts For Your Servers

If your server runs out of disk space, it can result in, well, lets just say, some very bad stuff. Even though servers and their file systems are very resilient these days and can recover from a lot of things, you really don’t want to take the risk the comes with running out of disk space.

The most common issue we see when a server runs out of space is the database gets corrupted. On a server with a lot of sites, that’s just a ton of work to restore and repair.

It’s best to not get into that situation in the first place.

To assist with avoiding that risk, we capture the amount of disk space remaining on each server every evening and display it in the HEALTH column in the server list. That column looks something like this:

When free disk space is lower than 20%, the border around the DISK FREE data turns orange; and when it is lower than 10% the border turns red.

However, if you’re not paying attention every day to this column then you might very well miss when free disk space is dangerously low.

To help remedy this gap we added a new function in WPCloudDeploy 3.5.1 that allow you to setup an email alert for low disk space. Unlike the real-time alerts you can configure in the HEALING tab for each server, this alert just needs to be setup once and will automatically cover all your servers (existing and new).

To set this up, just follow the directions in our help article:

You can also use the same technique to setup other notifications such as when disk quotas are exceeded (as well as many other types of alerts.)

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