Introducing The WPCloudDeploy REST API

The Initial set of REST API endpoints for WPCloudDeploy have been available as a preview feature in the fast-ring releases for a few months now. Since the first release we’ve spent some time tightening down those endpoints and introduced a couple of additional ones by building out a sample application outside of WordPress.

Here are a a few screen shots from the sample application we’ve built:

This means that we are ready to offer official support for these endpoints. Below are the answers to some of the most frequent questions.


What Endpoints Are Available?

We have endpoints that allow for the following functions:


  • Deploy a new server
  • Delete an existing server
  • Get a list of all servers for a user
  • Get information about a single server


  • Create a new site
  • Delete an existing site
  • Toggle SSL for a site
  • Get a list of all sites for a user
  • Get information about a single site
  • Change the domain for a site
  • Clone a site to a new domain


  • Get the status of an operation

Where Is The Documentation?

A list of endpoints and their parameters are located here.

When Will Additional Endpoints Be Available

WPCloudDeploy has hundreds of feature points and so it is a challenge to determine the priority for new endpoints. We suspect that many features will not be used all that much. As such we have decided that we will let our customers lead the way in prioritizing which ones will be completed next.

If you have a product you would like to build and are committed to building it, we will build any additional endpoints you need for it (free of charge of course). Just drop us a note to start a discussion.

It is important that your project be real and not a plaything. We want real-world projects solving real problems to lead the way here.

Is the API Restricted To Certain Plans?

The REST API is available on all plans including the CORE product.

What Support Is Available?

Even though the API is available to everyone, technical support is only available on ALL ACCESS and LIFETIME plans.

A challenge with a feature like this is that it is primarily a developer function. If we’re not careful we could expend a major portion of our support resources helping to debug custom code that we did not write.

Therefore we are placing some restrictions around our standard support, even on ALL ACCESS and LIFTIME plans. Regular support is only available for:

  • Bugs
  • Documentation updates

To troubleshoot a bug we will need developers to provide a clean environment that demonstrates the bug. While we will attempt to duplicate a bug based on a description in a support ticket, the fastest way to get a resolution is to provide a demonstration in a clean WPCD environment.

Premium Support

Premium support is available under a custom support contract starting at $500/month for 5 premium support hours (paid annually) or $750/month paid monthly. These hours can be used to help debug and troubleshoot custom code.

What Kind of Applications Can We Build?

We anticipate the API to be used to build out SaaS style applications where a user can subscribe to a server or one or more sites.

We also see use-cases that involve integrating with 3rd party provisioning services such as WHCMS.

Can You Tell Us About The Test Application You’ve Created?

We’re exercising the REST API by creating a real-world application outside of WordPress in a no-code environment. We’re using the no-code platform to build it.

We decided on a no-code platform because it’s closest to what many WordPress developers use (similar to page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Oxygen etc.)

Each endpoint is implemented as a feature in the application.

Is The Application Available To Us?

Yes and No.

We do not offer the app directly as a free or paid item. Instead, it is a available as a starting point where we build out a custom dashboard or service for you under a custom contract.

The cost of the application plus 20 hours of customization is $4995.

Because of the nature of the application we cannot provide it without the customization component. It was never designed to be a standalone release for end customers. The customization component is necessary to prepare it for your environment.

What Features Have Been Pre-Built?

  • Add/delete/list/get servers
  • Add/delete/list/get sites
  • Enable/Disable ssl
  • Clone sites
  • Change domain
  • Get operation status
  • Multi-level pricing table for server subscriptions
  • Sign-up flow
  • User profiles


The basic set of endpoints is enough to create most MVPs for a custom SaaS service that deploys servers and sites. They’re also enough to handle integration with popular provisioning services such as WHCMS.

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