Solve Your Cross Border-Data Sharing Issues

WPCD resides on your servers in your region • Open Source means you can further customize to satisfy even the strictest requirements


Why Risk Breaking Privacy Regulations?

Keep Your Data Local • Avoid Unnecessary Cross-Border Data Sharing • Control Everything End-to-End


Countries Are Getting Stricter

Countries want data stored in their region • Use WPCloudDeploy to easily set up your own high-powered WordPress management dashboard in any region in the world.

Plus All The Standard WPCloudDeploy Features & Benefits

White Label Standard • Teams Standard • Flat Annual or Lifetime Pricing • No Per-user, Per-site or Per-Server Fees • Unlimited Servers & Sites • Multi-cloud

  • The Only WordPress Plugin Of Its Kind

    It is a 100% native WordPress plugin with no need for an SaaS service.

  • 100% Control

    Customize ANYTHING in the fully open-source code to suit your Agency's needs.

  • Comfortably Extensible & Brandable

    Extend the plugin using your existing WordPress knowledge.  Brand any aspect in ways you can only dream of on a standard SaaS service.

  • Experience Immediate Performance Gains with Your Own Cloud Servers

    And easily manage hundreds of WordPress servers and sites across multiple cloud providers, all from a single console.

  • Sell Server & Site Subscriptions

    Use WooCommerce to sell subscriptions to powerful WordPress servers from any of our supported cloud providers.  Or sell subscriptions to individual WordPress sites with our without site templates.

  • Scalable & Redundant

    Everything is in a standard WordPress site so all your regular management and housekeeping skills work to keep you up and running and out of trouble!

  • Save Thousands

    Migrate away from the usual suspects and save thousands every year.

  • Direct Connections To All Major Cloud Providers

    DigitalOcean • Linode • Vultr • UpCloud • AWS EC2 • AWS LightSail • Hetzer • Exoscale • Alibaba (Limited Release)

  • Supports Any Cloud Provider

    Our "bring your own server" feature allow you to use any other cloud provider or even use bare-metal servers.

Explore Benefits, Features & More

WPCloudDeploy is a native WordPress plugin replacement for services like Ploi, Runcloud, SpinupWP, GridPane, Cloudways (and even Plesk or cPanel if you only use them to manage your WordPress sites.)  Run all your WordPress hosting functions from inside wp-admin!

Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Love Us!

Sidney Andrews

Sidney Andrews

WPCloudDeploy is helping us to offer a unique cloud service. Its ease of customization, numerous features and rapid pace of improvements has made it easy for us to offer a product to our customers that is unique to our company here in South America.

Sherman Hu

Sherman Hu

If you’re considering WPCD for budget savings, control, or offering hosting services to your clients, use the “REQUEST A DEMO” option to be walked through the wonders of WPCD. I did and appreciated their time and patience in answering all my questions. Don’t wait. Do it now. You’ll thank me later!

 Álvaro Massana

Álvaro Massana

Game-changer plugin with Best-in-class support. Having the hosting service under your own control, with good experience and all inside the WP environment, is perfect. The plugin’s developers are always trying to give great support experience. All around plugin is very...

Kevin Shenk

Kevin Shenk

If you’re thinking of moving forward with WPCD, just do it! It’s just incredible to have a WordPress-dedicated hosting solution that provides full provisioning and management of servers and apps, client billing, and cloud independence that you can host yourself! All this with world-class support from a dedicated and ambitious development team.

If you’re not already spitting out your coffee and falling off your chair, you should be. Because WPCD is that much of a game-changer.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase WPCloudDeploy today and try it out for 30 days.  If you're not happy we will provide a refund, no questions asked.

If you're an agency that spends hundreds of dollars a month on hosting or WordPress management panels, you'll love the savings we provide.

And, of course, it's all open-source so you can control everything that is being deployed to your servers!