Build An Infinitely Scalable & Geographically Distributed WaaS Service!

  • Sell Subscriptions To WordPress Sites

    Sell subscriptions to WordPress sites that are automatically launched on any of your selected servers and any cloud server provider.

  • Collect Subscription Payments with Stripe & Paypal

    Use the WooCommerce Stripe & Paypal payment providers to setup subscriptions.

  • Eliminate The Limitations of WordPress Multisite

    WordPress Multisite is convenient but not supported by many themes, plugins and WordPress services.  Now, you don't need it to launch your WaaS!

How It Works

1.) Select Your WaaS Servers From Your Existing Inventory

You can select a subset of your servers to be used for your WaaS or you can specify a specific server for each product you sell. 

Deploy as many servers as you need at multiple providers in multiple regions. 

2.) Define Your Products In WooCommerce

You can define multiple products at various price points, subscription lengths and with or without site templates.

3.) Users Purchase On The Front-End

Your end users can purchase any of your site subscriptions using the standard WooCommerce check-out process.

4.) Send Users Directly To Their Site or The WPCD Management Panel

Your users are redirected to either the WPCD control panel (customized with your brand assets) or to the wp-admin area for the new site.




Easy Scaling

Scale your sites horizontally or vertically.  Scale them individually on their own servers or as a group on a single server.  Store multiple small sites on a single server while keeping your larger sites on their own servers.


More Plugins & Themes

Many plugins are not officially supported or simply will not run properly on Multisite. 

At the top of the list is WooCommerce.

Using regular WP sites eliminates this issue.



Deploying your customers' sites on different servers substantially reduces the odds of a 100% service outage. 

Distribute your sites across multiple server providers for even more redundancy.


Rolling Updates

When rolling out updates you can stagger them, preventing a bad update from taking down all your customers in one shot.


Better Security

Reduce the footprint of malware.  Distributed data means less odds of all your customers being infected by a single vector or bad actor.


All the WPCD Core Features

Push sites between servers • Simple backups to AWS S3 •  Advanced backups to other services •  Allow or disallow access to WPCD dashboard • View all WPCD Feaures


Privacy & Legal

You can now tackle certain Privacy & Legal data issues that crop up when selling to citizens of the world. If you are running a WaaS where you need to locate each of your customers' data in their own region, you can do that with WPCD by simply deploying servers in different regions.

All from within the WPCD dashboard.


Granular Disaster Recovery

In Multisite, it's very hard to restore a single site. In most cases, if a customer somehow trashes their site data they have no recourse without rolling back the entire WaaS!  That's a non-issue with WPCD. 

WPCD sites are just regular WP sites that can be restored individually at any time.


Larger Template Sites

Your template sites can be much much larger than if you were using a Multisite solution.  This is because copying a template site in multisite has to complete within the web server / php script timeout limits.  WPCD has architected around this which makes it practical to create and use very large template sites 


All The Power of WooCommerce

WooCommerce is extremely flexible and well supported in the WordPress ecosystem.  

Its powerful subscription options are second-to-none.  

And you can bring it all to bear on your WaaS


Absolute Control

When you host your WaaS sites at a 3rd party hosting company you lose a certain amount of control.  

With WPCD, you can take back that control and completely customize and fine-tune your WaaS deployment environment and management features.


Frequently Asked Questions


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase the WPCloud Deploy Core plugin today and try it out for 30 days.  If you're not happy we will provide a refund, no questions asked.

PS: Purchase an all-access pass and get a personal one-on-one on-boarding walk-through to help you get started!