Sell WordPress Site Subscriptions With WooCommerce

  • Sell Subscriptions To WordPress Sites

    Sell subscriptions to WordPress sites that are automatically launched on any of your selected servers and any cloud server provider.

  • Collect Subscription Payments with Stripe & Paypal

    Use the WooCommerce Stripe & Paypal payment providers to setup subscriptions.

  • Build Recurring Revenue With Your Own Brand

    WPCD is fully customizable and brandable.  Build a recurring revenue stream while emphasizing your own business and brand.

How It Works

1.) Select Servers From Your Existing Inventory

You can select a subset of your servers to be used for your customers' subscriptions or you can specify a specific server for each product you sell. 

Deploy as many servers as you need at multiple providers in multiple regions. 

2.) Define Your Products In WooCommerce

You can define multiple products at various price points, subscription lengths and with or without site templates.

3.) Users Purchase On The Front-End

Your end users can purchase any of your site subscriptions using the standard WooCommerce check-out process.

4.) Send Users Directly To WP-ADMIN Or To The WPCD Management Panel

Your users are redirected to either the WPCD control panel or to wp-admin. 

You can even use the FrontEndAdmin plugin to bring the WPCD admin area to the front-end.


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    Designate Which Servers Will Host Customers' Sites

    You can choose to use only a subset of your servers to host your customer sites.

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    Sites Can Be Automatically Assigned To Any One Of A Pool Of Servers

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    Create Custom Products For Sites That Need Specific Servers

    Great for assigning sites to servers in specific regions.

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    Rename Server Provider Labels

    Prevents exposure of the providers you are using for your servers.

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    Cloudflare DNS Integration

    Assign a temporary DNS to make the site immediately available.

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    Site Deletion & Cancellation Control

    Admins can choose to automatically delete sites upon subscription expiration or choose to do it manually.

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    Automatic SSL For Temporary Domains

    Admins can choose to automatically issue an SSL certificate for temporary domains.

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    Automatically Delete DNS Entries

    When a site is deleted (either by the admin or because of a subscription expiration or cancellation) the admin can choose to delete the DNS entry at Cloudflare automatically.

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    Setup Template Sites

    Create template sites that can be used as the basis for your customers' new sites.  Each product you define can use a different template site.

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    Customizable Confirmation Emails When Sites Are Ready

    Admins can create highly personalized confirmation emails when sites are ready to be used.  "Tokens" allow data such as the user id, passwords and site URLs to be replaced in the email body.

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    WooCommerce Confirmation Page Messages

    Admins can create a message that appears at the top of the WooCommerce order confirmation page to provide additional instructions on how to proceed after checkout is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Templates Work?

Technically, you can make any existing site a template site.  And you can store them on any server - as long as it's not a server where you'll be storing a customer site that is based on that template.

When you define a product, you can choose to associate a template site with it. 

When a user purchases that product, a copy of the template site is copied to the server and the domain changed to match the new users' temporary domain.

How Many Templates Can I Create?

You can create as many site templates as you like.  Templates can even be on different servers.

Which Payment Processors Do You Support?

We officially support STRIPE & PAYPAL.  But other providers might work as well, as long as they fire the same hooks as STRIPE & PAYPAL during and after the checkout process.

What Is The "all-in" Cost For Your Solution?

Here are the minimum costs you'll incur to get started with this feature:

  • WPCD License: $799 /yr
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: $199 /yr
  • 3 small servers (WPCD Server, Template Server, Customer Server) - $30.00 / month

So, in the first month you'll incur minimum costs of $1028.

You might also want to consider:

  • MainWP: $400 (one-time lifetime price for MainWP; or $19.99 per month). Alternatives are ManageWP or InfiniteWP.

And finally, you'll need to budget for things like backups.

Are There Any Restrictions On How Many Sites Can I Sell?

No. We do not restrict you on the number of sites you can sell. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase the WPCloud Deploy Core plugin today and try it out for 30 days.  If you're not happy we will provide a refund, no questions asked.

PS: Purchase an all-access pass and get a personal one-on-one on-boarding walk-through to help you get started!